Monday, January 01, 2007

Round 9 - Bach (Falkor)

Hello all, why do I fell like I am being taken advantage of. Why did I ever invite Leia to move in our house? Let me show you what she did THIS time.

This morning she is outside with those scissors. I swear she has officially lost her mind now.

You know what happens to those who run with scissors, right? You guessed it, she cut herself and now we have her kids here.

All of this on her kid's birthday's also. Can't her kids have one day for themselves? Even in death she stole the moments from these kids.

All of them grew up well. Germesha actually spoke to us today, weird considering we really don't know this teenager at all. Hard to believe she was living here with us this whole time and we weren't friends or even close to it. She told us not to worry, she would make it all right. Give her time.

Mara just mentioned the fact that there is a murderer here in our neighborhood and reminder me about the BACH CURSE.

Leia's kids are really strange, Lealand said there was something called TD here and to avoid it, he had to wear this mask.

Next thing you know Lilly has on a mask also.

Mara just wants everyone in the house to be nicer to each other, but I don't see how that will happen at all. We still have Leia's kids here and all.

We have agreed to help Germesha out while she is at work. Here we are helping her siblings to study.

Fawn, out little angel, has a new best friend now. She said his name is "Bricky"". She loves to teach him new tricks....

Mara, you shouldn't do this while I am taking pictures, what will people think???

Fawn grew up today into a teenager. How do two fortune parents create a romantic child???

Here is what happens when you ask someone to help you repair the PC....

Does anyone recognize him? I think he was over visiting Fawn or something.

Bach Curse? There is no Bach Curse...Bastain was old, he died, end of story! Just because all the adults died on the Bach Manor house does NOT mean there is a Bach Curse. It means THAT HOUSE IS CURSED!!!

Mara and I managed to get some time alone in our house.

This is my farewell, did the MURDERER come back? Did anyone else die or change? Dunnoo.........


Rachel said...

Lily and Leeland's outfits are hilarious! Is Leeland floating in thin air? What's TD? Touch Down? No need to wear scubba gear for a touch down! Quite, keep to herself Fawn got Romance! The fried guy looks like Quavi to me. This one had me laughing, hard!

Anonymous said...

loved the outfits, they were so funny
I can't believe the scissors worked! awesome and who is that there watching Grim?! hmmmm...
Uh, give Germesha time for... what exactly?

ASimWen said...

Awww Falkor and Mara are soooo taken advantage of! At least the kids are being taken care of. I agree with Ruby...who is that standing beside Grim??? hehehe

Mandie said...

Very interesting game-play you guys have here! I love it! All the play-styles are so different, and it really makes it interesting to read! Great job! I'll be back for more!