Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tellerman Round 8

Anakin and Shada are in a nearly empty bedroom. The only things left in the room is a bed stripped of it's covers, a few cardboard boxes , and a night stand. Anakin opens the night stand drawer and lets out a small gasp.
Shada: What is it dear?
Anakin: It's Elizabeth's diary. I don't know what to do with it. Part of me wants to read it, but it seems wrong.
Shada: Considering the situation, I think it would be all right.
Anakin: Well, all right.
Anakin cracks open the book.
Anakin: Wow this is her newest one too. It says December 2006.
Elizabeth: It's hard to believe it's December already. Shada and I both went straight to the salon and make overs today.

My Cloudy sure has taken to Shada and Anakin's boy, Cade. I wonder if he has thought about having any kids with me? I know he had Joe when he was in college but he never got to do any of the actual raising.

Shada got a new job in law enforcement today. She said she's decided she wants to be Capt. Hero. I'm still working in the art field. I only work 2 days a week now.
I spend most days at home watching Cade, but I really want to own 5 businesses.

So I bought Pepe's Pets shop.

Rachel came by. She was the first customer in the door,

...but not the first to buy something.

Rachel must win a lot of money at Bastain's poker hall,

'cause she sure buys a lot.

Caitalin (Day) Skywalker is another good customer. She comes by often but usually she's just browsing.

The shop was getting busy so I called my Cloudy to come help out.

He wasn't always the best with the customers. He's made a few enemy's here. That's what happens when someone sleeps through an open venue, you know.

He did really energize me when I would get tired. Those dream dates did wonders.

It shocked Lando Skywalker though. A little vechicular woohoo
during the work day never hurt anyone.

Oh Lynn came by today. I've heard she loves to shop!

In the downtime I keep the shop spick and span.

It must have impressed the customers because we reached Rank 10!!!!

Cloudy and I were on a date at the time and apparently that upset Tiny Bach.

I did have to have a talk with Cloudy about not slapping the customers. We don't want to lose any stars.

He was quite upset.

Lando and Caitalin celebrated my success by dancing in the middle of the store.

*Back Home*
Today was an exciting day. My friend Xuan came over and hung out while everyone else was at work.

Anakin reached his life long dream of being Chief of staff.
And Cade celebrated a birthday!

What a heartbreaker he's going to be.

Christmas is here already. Anakin baked Santa some cookies.
And we set up the tree. Cade got a Charisma Bunny which he loved.

No sooner did Anakin get the cookies on the table...

..than we heard the jiggling of sleigh bells. Santa was here!

He brought Cade a remote control car. Cade wasn't too thrilled, but I'm sure he'll like it when he gets older.

Everyone had a good time hanging out with the Big Man himself before he had to move on.

Cloudy got some new light up reindeer this year.

He seems oddly drawn to them. Merry Christmas!!!

I've been thinking about getting a pet. I was thinking about a dog until I saw thing dog chase the mailman all around the yard.

Today was a great day finacially in the house. Anakin and Shada both brought in great Christmas bonuses.

Cloudy, my handsome moron kisses the reindeer.

Well spit and electricity don't mix.

And he got shocked badly!

I told him I was worried about this behavior and promised he would stop.

To pass the time instead he invited his son, Joe over. They are great friends now which is wonderful.

Tonight was huge scaring night. Orchid stopped by and got scared by Komei and...

...and Sara within 2 minutes of each other.

Poor Cloudy was so tuckered from the electrocution and the scaring he fell asleep in his food.

But the ghosts weren't satisfied.

Joe and Orchid hit it off and spent the rest of the night in the hot tub together. I wonder if there is a love connection there?

I also found out I was pregnant tonight.

I felt Cloudy get out of bed in the middle of the night.

Well I finally got a pet. I went with a cat, Bonkers.

He's so cute! And little.

I just want to play with him all the time.

My Cloudy got a promotion today thanks to a good descion.

And he promptly kissed the darn reindeer again!

Cade gets along really well with Bonkers, but...

Anakin decided a boy should have a dog. So he adopted Maxx. He was so excited he took Maxx to work with him.

By the end of Anakin's shift Maxx was in rough shape. He had forgotten to take any pet food with him.

And we had forgetten to fill the one at home. So Bonkers was hungrey too.

They both got plenty to eat and were fine.
Shada also got promoted today. Everyone is doing so well in their careers.

Some how we missed Cade's birthday. He's a cute boy, but he has interesting taste in PJs.

My Cloudy can't seem to kick the reindeer kissing habit.

All the worry about Cloudy put me into labor early.

I was very surprised to find out I was having (natural, I swear) twin boys!


and Hurricane.

Cloudy was so ecited about the twins he went out and kissed that deer again!

I was inside feeding the twins when I heard Shada sobbing from outside.

I got there just in tiem to see the grim reaper take my der Cloudy.

How could Cloudy leave me like this? We just had two babies and now he leaves me!!!

I was so overwhelmed, I didn't know what to do. I had the boys and Anakin, Shada, and Cade were great, but I still felt all alone in the world.

I thought another cat might help, so I adopted Heidi, but it didn't.

I saw Cade with his dad and my heart attached that my boys would never have that.

Would I have time to help them both with their school work?

Would I be able to be the great mom Shada is? I went to bed for days.

I missed the twins' birthday.

Hurricane is the spitting image of Cloudy. It hurts to look at him and it hurts not to.

Thank goodness Anakin helped out so much with them.

My little Bonkers grew up too.

I finally realized I need to start living again for my boys.

And I helped them learn their remaining skills.

Which freed Anakin up to Shada work towards her next promotion.

I had a weak moment tonight. I went out to Cloudy's grave and broke down.

Apparently that woke the ghost again because Cloudy scared me.

The real weak moment was I asked my friend Xuan over and we became more than friends.

I haven't felt so alive in such a long time. I swear I heard music.

Anakin: That's all. That night was so bad for ghosts.

Elizabeth got up to make breakfast for everyone a little early and Sara got her.

I heard her terrible scream and ran to the kitchen where I found her.

I plead with the grim reaper not to take her. She was all those boys had left.

But I lost at his cruel game.

And he took her anyway. Everyone was terribly upset even the cats.
Shada: You did all you could. Wait go back to that last part in the diary.
Anakin: I don't think we should reread about her final woohoo.
Shada: No just the last sentence.
Aanakin: She thought she heard music.
Shada: Oh my God, she was pregnant!

Simmers Notes: That's it. I had planned to get rid of Cloudy this round because I wanted to do my part to keep the numbers down in the hood. Well I guess Karma really is a, well you know what they call Karma. I had really fallen in love with Elizabeth this round after spending so much time with her at Pepe's Pets. I had planned to get her pregnant with Xuan's kid and leave that for a surprised. I haven't been so upset about a sim death in a very long time.

Funny Pictures:

Maxx peed on Tornado.

I was hitting the button like crazy to get a couple shots of Elizabeth and Xuan's WooHoo and this is the first one I got. Hehe.


ruby said...

Hilarious! I can't believe Elizabeth is gone. Someone needs to go in to paranormal and bring her back so she can have her baby. Its not fair to Xuan or their unborn baby. I'm so pouting with you.
OMG Poor Maxx, starving the pets, shame on ya (g) Oh and he peed on Tornado, that is priceless!!!

ASimWen said...

yeah, Cloudy was a mean one...I really didn't like him much. Too bad about just never know with Grimmie. The times my Sims have gambled with him, we won once, and we lost once. heh. So that is what Bonkers looks like all growed up. LOLOL A house fulla me wonder..

I love boo-boo pictures. heheheh Dog peeing on kid. heh

Congrats on working Elizabeth's shop. Who inherited it upon her death?


Twoyys4me said...

Poor Cloudy, though it seems it was destined to happen to him. It's amazing the business did so well with all his slapping and making enemies.

Poor Elizabeth- I almost shed a tear- what will happen to the twins now?

Bonkers is a cutie isn't he? He's currently established in my original Apocalypse home. :)

Cait said...

Awww...poor Elizabeth.

I've never lost to Grimmy because I cue up a BUNCH of "pleads." If you lose the first time, you can eventually win. Hopefully someone in the paranormal field will bring her back.

Congrats on the business, though. Good job.

I think I've adopted Bonkers a few times. I enjoyed the pets when they first came out, but only a few of my houses have them now. It'll be interesting to have to play so many of them.

I didn't know you could take a pet to work. Was that a blooper too?

Bubbs said...

Great update! I can't wait to get my hands on this group again.

Rachel said...

A few comments to statements or questions.

This house has the grim phone, but this happened at Monday about 4AM, I play 'til 6, so by the time it was all over, so was my turn. It' out of my hands.

Really Maxx starving was Anakins fault for taking him to work.

I actually like Cloudy but he was always in the spot light and I thought he needed to give someone else a turn.

Elizabeth's shop went to Shada.

I don't know what Lynn will do with the twins.

I didn't know you could que up a bunch of beggings for a sims life. I think I'll stick with once though, I don't think Grimmy would be willing to let a sim keep trying.

Yes, Maxx going to work with Anakin was a blooper. He had just been dropped off when the car pool arrived. Anakin left and I went looking for Maxx, but he was gone too. That happened with a toddler in my Prosperity hood too, they just forget to put the pet/dog down.