Friday, December 29, 2006

Round 9 - Skywalker

Heidi ho friends! Here I am with my lovely wife Stormy. I am Atreyu, remember me? I am sure you do. It seems we have somehow become vampires. How you ask? Hmm, I won't say...

Have you heard about this strange person? Ranger told me he might have something to do with some murders around here. I tend to agree, let me show you why I think that way.

You see here he is visiting our house. He seems show up at the oddest times. He wanted to steal one of our prized gnomes, but luckily they are blocked in.

A little bit after he showed up, our dog Fred died. {Sigh} I don't know all the details, I was sleeping in my casket. I found a camera in the house and this was on the film.

Why couldn't I ask Claire? Well, the reaper was here twice this day. Once for Fred and the second time for Claire. I am sure she knows what happened, but she isn't talking now.

Look right there, there he is! The MURDERER!!! He even mourned some. PHHFT!! HE KILLED HER!!!

With two deaths in one day, Luke decided to come visit us. He wanted to see what all the excitement was about. He likes to visit us often. This house is haunted!! They leave us alone unless we go outside.

Meet Gwen, I think she is the reason Stormy and I are vampires. Which is ok as I am enjoying the life of the undead. I don't think she is a smart vampire.

And you see, Stormy is also a vampire. She enjoys this life as she said we can now live to see our Great Grandkids, who we won't acknowledge, being born.

Here I am again. I have to talk to my friends early at night. You know my friends still sleep at night while I sleep during the day. Weirdness!!

Lexi came over to visit one day and Gwen, being the nice vampire, BLAHHED her till she peed her pants. Gwen's excuse was she needed new gossip to tell. I wonder what the real reason may be...

Jango seems a little worried. He is getting close to adult hood and has a HUGE decision to make. To go to University or not??

Here is my good son, Argon. He is looking for a job. Notice Jango? He loves that music player thing he has. Pops it out at all times of the day. They are both good kids, too bad we only see them at night time.

BAD DOG DAKOTA!!! BAD DOG!!! Too bad I am in my casket right now, this dog destroyed a BED!!! I bet this will upset our ghosts now. Who trained this dog???

Ever wonder what us vampires do all night? We make money!! We don't tend to get busted either, which was a plus.

Here is out lair. All three of us vampires sleep down here. At least us SMART vampires do, the not so smart ones get out of their casket....

BAD DOG!! BAD BAD DOG!!! The worst part is I am in my casket sleeping and can not punish Dakota. No one can as the boys are at school. BAD DOG!!!

Argon is really helpful around the house. He said he could fix the trash compactor, no need for a repairman. Isn't that helpful? Trying to save us some money.

Oopsie, it seems this trash compactor is really broke! It zapped Argon! Why isn't Stormy worried, Gwen seems upset by this.

ARGON!!! Are you ok son? Baby boy?? Are you ok?? ARGON????

See there, no harm done, huh? All you need is a little shower and all will be better. Man, I was really worried about you for a minute there.....

ARGON!!! What are you doing now?? STORMY SAVE OUR BABY!! SAVE OUR BABY!! STORMY???? JANGO!!! SAVE YOUR BROTHER!!! Put the book down Jango, put it down!!!

Man, looks like the reaper is here again. You see who else is also here, right??? I bet he somehow did this. HE IS A MURDERER!!!!

I told you Gwen was a stupid vampire, right? She doesn't have enough sense to stay in her casket and looks what happens. She was to fly to her casket, but got stuck here....

Why is she outside?? Why get the mail? You are a stupid vampire...the sun will KILL you!!!

Yep, that is exactly what happened also. The reaper is back, yet again.

Do you see what I see?? There he is! The MURDERER was at my house yet again!! Who is this person and why is he MURDERING people??

OUT OF ORDER PICTURE!!! (Or is it???)
Here is a night at the house. Making money while I fly my kite. I enjoy flying the kite in the backyard. Is this a good or bad kite??

Aren't I a grand vampire in my casket? I tend to think so. You can also see our reaper phone there. Did we use it? Was the above picture a clue? Hmm, my lips are sealed!!!

Shhhhhuuuusssshhhhh!!! We are mourning here!!

Jango made up his mind and decided not to go to College. He said if he goes, there is no guarantee he will get the family home. This way he gets to stay here.

FIRE!!! FIRE!!! We never got busted making money, but we sure had our share of fires. We didn't call the fire department as they may tip off the police.

Kalan and Sweets out for a walk. I wonder if he is looking for more Morelli women to romance.

Jango really wanted to finish off his skills so he went outside to study the skies. I wonder what this means, was he abducted??? Only time will tell....

Just some pictures we painted. I am curious to see if they stay like this in another person's game. Or since they are custom paintings will they be blank? Did you know a vampire can paint in the sunlight with no needs drop? They don't drop until we acknowledge the sunshine...interesting vampire fact.

More CCC around here. At least the people with the CCC look nice with no hair. I hope this CCC doesn't kill them also....

Jango went off on a date with this woman. He said he wants to beat his brother's to the punch. He said Anakin has a son, but no one else!!

You know what they are doing here....

Looks like we have a wedding to plan. Jango introduced us to his lovely wife to be, Kirstee. I hope this means we will hear the pitter-patter of little feet soon. Kirstee is a family sim and wants a large family.

They even had the wedding at night. This way we could see them tie the knot. A nice crowd was here for the wedding.

Deaths, there anything these ghosts won't come out for???

Just our guests enjoying the party. See Tosha Go on the couch? She is really upset. She thought she was going to College with Jango and now that is out of the question. That must be why she is stuffing her face here.

We started this book with a picture of Stormy and I, so we will end it with a picture of Jango and Kirstee.


Anonymous said...

Jango grew up to be a handsome man, he and Kirstee will make purdy babies!
Love those custom pictures! They are so awesom! I need to figure out how to do that.. all the ones I've tried are horribly fuzzy.
This creepy guy looks so familiar.. but I just don't know for sure. Can't wait to find out if I'm right or not!

Rachel said...

Yeah, I was bored, so you got vampires and backwards trained dogs. Holy crap, I didn't know they could actually destory the furniture.

Claire was murdered!?!? Now no one will know who was WooHooing!

I thought you were just killing the sims that had been around since the beginning and then Jango died!!! Granted he was the most sinfully dull kid ever, but now he's dead!!! I wonder if he was brought back!?!?!

Yeah Gwen was expendable, I thought about getting rid of her once she made my vampires for me.

What's the deal with not sending these kids to college? All my playing time was a waste.

Poor, poor Tosha. I'm sure Wen will be happy that Kristi is in the hood now.

Which house is next? Ahh, the Bach's. Who will make it through this round there? So glad I made these guys all into townies in Prosperity Point, so even if they die, they live on for me.

Bubbs said...

Nope, not a waste. Not everyone HAS to go to college. Some of these houses don't need to go...they have around $300K, they don't need the money at we have 12 in college right now.

ASimWen said...

Ohhh my baby Stormy will live forever now! Yeah! I love vamps!

GAH! But I don't like vamps named Gwen. Glad to see her gone. Yeah.

OOhhh nice looking lair you have there. I didn't know Vamps kept swimming pools.

BAD DOG DAKOTA! BAD DOGGIE! Hmmm need to go shopping for new furniture now. Wonder if there is casket shaped sofas???

Argon oh well..Jango is more handsome.

Yes, it is nice to see Kirstee in the hood now. She is fun to play. :)