Friday, December 29, 2006

Round 9 - Morelli

Welcome back to the Morelli house! Yepper, this is Ranger again. I am still alive. I know you thought I died, but guess what, NOPE!! Before we go into all that has happened, let me show you some other interesting items that really are just strange.

What are those white lines you ask?? Oh, it seems dear sweet Rachel uses custom paint that Lynn does not have. This is the result.

What is that hole in the ground?? That is the Landon Bach house. Really cool looking house, too bad it was all custom paint again...GRRR!!!

Who is this man? Well, he is a stranger in town. He seems a little mad about something also. I hope he doesn't cause any trouble.....

Let's take the family out to see the shops and what do we see?? Andrea Hogan and Stormy Skywalker fighting. I wonder why??? Does it have to do with someone running the game while they slept???

Andrea is really a mean local too. Look here she is going after the town idiot, Goopy! I would have helped, but being I am a zombie, it would take way too much of my energy and time to get over there.

Here we have out nice neighborhood tramp, Lexi Jonas. Have you heard about her? Man, she really gets around...if you want her number, let me know. Where is her hair? Ah yes, we have some strange sort of cancer here.

See, here is another example of the cancer with Moonchild Bach. She owns the house Lexi, ummmm, resides at. We don't ask too many questions here.

Hmm, here we have my x-spouse Tiny Morelli. I barely had one foot in the grave and she is moving some other guy in here. The NERVE!! Do you know the twins were NOT my kids??? Nope, they aren't even Kalan's.

Here is my beautiful daughter, Maribella. She is the only other 'True Morelli' living in this house.

The twins grew up this week. Aren't they cute? I wish they were mine, but nothing I can do about that. I love them like they are mine.

I REALLY FEEL THE NEED TO KILL THIS MAN!!!! You understand, right? I am barely dead and he is moving in on my family.

Plus he brought this person into our house. Let me explain, there are rumors going around that he helped set up Elizabeth's death. I just get a creapy vibe from him. Real creapy.

It started at supper. All of a sudden, my stomach started hurting. Like I was starving to death. And he just sat there with that strange little smirk.

Then I found myself in the bathroom. I know it was somethng he did...I know it. Being a zombie, maybe the poison went through my system. Yes, I do believe that he tried to poison me!!

Next thing you know, the kids are crying as Tiny "With many baby daddies" Morelli was hit by a satellite. What do I see? He flipped open a notepad and marked off a name. I could swear it was an email titled HIT LIST with many different colors and notes on it.

I forgot about that until now, we were all upset about Tiny's death. You know she was pregnant at the time, right? Now we will never know who the daddy was of that kid.

Poor Kalan was really eaten up. He pleaded to the reaper, but it was not good enough. Must suck to be him, but she was my enemy too.

Poor Tiny, I was worried he might use the phone and bring her back. Alas, he did not. He called Lynn over and proceeded back into bachelor life like he was never married.

He didn't waste anytime either. Isn't Lynn engaged??? At least I thought she was engaged to Matthew Bach.

This cop came by to ask us questions concerning Tiny's death also. Wondering if it is connected to Cloudy's or Stephanie's. She said we may have a serial killer in town.

Here are the girls one day. They were sort of upset as Kalan said we need to cleanse the house of Tiny's memories and sent the cats away.

Maribella tried to stop him, but he programed our security system to stop anyone who went near him.

Who is this lady and why is she a ghost in my house? Mardee said she has a vague idea about who she is. Whoever she is, she isn't happy. She haunts almost every evening.

Kalan really wanted to get rid of Tiny's memory. He changed the bedroom they used. He said is feels more like a bachelor's room now. I did warn him about how this may upset the ghosts but he didn't care.

Look who he brought over next, Catalin Bach. She is married to Lando and they are having problems. Well, this won't help at all.

At least he did one thing right. He taught the twins how to study while I, um, supervised. Yep, that is what I am doing right there. Su

I just wish he had gotten dressed to do it. The girls aren't stupid. They know their dad had died. Yep, he is dead. Trust me, I have see the family tree. Now their mom has died. All three girls are in a house related to only Maribella.

Do you know Kalan spent more of MY money and had a mini arcade added to the house???? What does he think we need one of those for? These kids need to study! Not play games!!

Yes, you see the picture correctly, I am dying...AGAIN. It seems I forgot to eat before I went to work, yada yada yada, I am starving to death.

Thought I died, huh? Nope! Maribella came out and beat the Reaper man. Ha-ha Kalan, my KID can beat the reaper, why can't you??

There is a new girl in my life and Maribella isn't too proud of it. She gets really upset when we kiss or anything. She said I am getting too old for that. TOO OLD?? I don't age anymore. I am SUPER ZOMBIE!!!

i even tried to marry Jordan, but those PREGNANT PETS, that Kalan sent away are preventing it.

So I brought them back and updated their looks. Here we have Roux.

And here is Sweets. You know what is strange, I don't think they are pre

Being that I am one of the only CAS adults left here, I decided I needed a makeover to forget about the PREGNANT PETS, that aren't pregnant.

Maribella did an awesome job getting herself and her sisters into private school. She smoozed the head master all the way. Then passes out in her food. At least he did not look down on us about that tidbit.

Kalan is still in his little mood. He just doesn't seem really happy. I really don't care, but thought you might be interested....

Next thing I knew, he said he wanted to give makeovers. Here are some pictures of random townies and the makeovers Kalan gave him. I don't remember their names, sorry. You might regonize their clothing.

I almost forgot about our little genius. Here we have Mardee. She grew into a nice looking knowledge sim. She is a typical knowledge sim who seems to be a fast learner also. She will go far in life, I believe. Why did I die before she arrived? She was to have been mine also!!

Maribella came to me with a strange question. Why does she have to go to college? Why can't she stay here as a 'TRUE MORELLI' and raise her sisters. That way they can have a GOOD influence in their lives.

I was ok with the idea until THIS happened! She jumped right into Kalan's arms! WHAT DOES SHE THINK SHE IS DOING??? Her sisters noticed and started whispering about it right away. This is NOT what a good influence does.

She is more like her mother than she would like to believe. I wonder why she is messing with Kalan? Why Kalan? Why HIM??? There are others out there she might like more. She will have to learn the hard way.

It seems Maribella isn't so smart after all. I watched her buy this strange object this afternoon. Then she puts her head inside. I know she wasn't a very good pleasure sim, but isn't this extreme?? She is now my little GRILLED CHEESE BABY!! Baby, did I say baby? Hmm, have to wait and see....

Just more evidence about that cancer in the hood!!! It has been determined that the name of this cancer is CCC (Custom Content Cancer). Some people have it while others (like Maribella) just reverted to Maxis hair. Who determined who got cancer and who didn't. Even worse is these people show the hair so I get confused on who to call as I am used to seeing them BALD.

How dare he sit in MY hot tub looking all SMUG!!! First he steals my wife right in my kitchen when I was barely dead and now he has to go after my DAUGHTER!! At least the PREGNANT PETS, who aren't pregnant, should prevent him from planting any of his seeds...

At least my little non-children girls love me. They tell me all sorts of stories of aliens, vampires and maybe werewolves living here.


It seems the stress of living here really took it's toll on Kalan. I didn't think he was supposed to have a birthday, but he did. Maybe his poison took longer to effect him. I still think that person did something to me!

One last fight before we say goodbye.I hope to see you again....I don't know if I will or not. Being a zombie, I may. Be sure to tell the others about the 'SERIAL KILLER!' He tried to poison me!!!

Odd Picture

My fun :)


Twoyys4me said...

wow Kalan is certainly working his way through the family. Poor Tiny meeting her death that way.
Love all the CC glitches... lol.

Rachel said...

The weird lines and whatnot in the hood screen were there when I had the hood and have nothing to do with any CC. They showed up as soon as I would play that particular lot, so not my fault. I did pack up the Lando house if you want me to send it to you so you'll have the paint and floors for that one, forgot I had done that. Weird that people are showing up bald, normally they just go back Maxis hair.
Yeah the Pregnant pets is a Pets glitch, I just use BoolProp to move people in until we get a patch.

INteresting stranger you have there, his profile looks strangely familar.

I love the makeovers.

It seems you don't want Xuan's kids to be born. That's right Tiny was carrying Xuan's babies. I thought you loved Xuan and wanted him to have kids.

Bubbs said...

You had the lines also? Hmm, I know they are from paint because once I changed the houses paint jobs, it went away.

Xuan's kids? You mean they aren't Kalan's??? LMAO!!! I thought they would be Kalan's kids...lolol!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny glitches! Loved the update it was hilarious!
OMG Noooooo, we want Xuan's baby!

JennTSG said...

Death by piano fire...I demand it!!

Nice make overs by the way!

ASimWen said...

Ewwww smelly smelly Zombies...ewwww... But hey, they make nice narrators..errr...when they aren't grunting and groaning and thinking about brains....

Oohhh Mysterious Stranger. Hmmm..who's silhoutte is that???

Gah! Ball headed Vamps! hehehe

Well, ya know, letting the game run while I slept seemed like a good idea at the time....

Hehe love all the makeovers. :)

Woah. Maribella is a beauty! She would look good with hair or no hair.

And to think I felt sorry for Kalan when I played him. He is a meanie! I am sorry about Elizabeth dying. Poor poor Tiny and her unborn babies!

Oh looks like ASimLynn ain't no angel...what a CHEATER.

Eh, pregnant pets glitches...yeah...can't wait for the patch.

Mariabella couldn't wait to get into Kalan's is a charlatan just like the rest! Yeah! A grilled cheese life for you!

hehehe Great Job!

Chrissy Brown said...

Mariabella is a beauty! :)