Monday, December 25, 2006

Round 8: University

Welcome Back, welcome back, Factoid Sally here. I heard some of you liked hearing from me, so I thought I'd bring you the facts of what happened during university. Let's start with the greek house, Delta Dawn.

A bunch of the new freshmen came by to try to get into the greek house.

Stephanie Morreli was the first in. It helped that her brother Ian and Uncle Mario were 2/3 of the house occupants at the time.

Next was Joe Morreli. Yep, all the Morreli's were in.

Joe had what can only be described as an interesting upbringing. It didn't offer much time to even think about dating. He did recently visit his now late father, Cloudy's house where he met Orchid. He was a smitten kitten.

Luckily for him something finally went right and she was into him too.

Joe closed his eyes and puckered up.

And he found himself getting his very first kiss.

Stephanie welcomed her fiance Jack Jonas to Delta Dawn.

He in turn welcomed Kate Bach.

Finally Amadalla Tellerman joined along with...

Locke Bach.

Current household members.

Despite being in his senior year Mario had yet to find anyone to love. Since he related to half the ladies in the class and the others were involved he started stopping everyone that walked by. Apparently though, he doesn't like red heads.

Tressie graduated and moved out. She awaited her fiance Ian.

Amy Jones then joined the house in her place.

Mario, unbatted called the local gypsy. with all the money these kids were inheriting, there was plenty to find someone for Mario to love.

She dropped Diana and Mario was impressed (3 bolter, incase you can't tell)

Moments later Mario ogt his first kiss. With chemistry like this they should be married within the week.

Amadalla, not wating to get too ahead of her housemates, carried on the tradition of painting all greek house members.

Ian graduated and joined Tressie. Alvin moved in, but we don't have any pictures of him.

Mario graduated as well.

But he wanted to spend more time with Diana, so he helped out his housemated by doing their homework. Amy and Alvin were very far behind everyone else so they needed it.

Everything in this house wasn't studying and skilling. The cow and llama mascots had a wicked fight, the llama won.

Jack maxed his final skill while waiting for his final.

Here are all the new paintings, Ian, Mario, and Tressie were already painted.

Now we say good-bye to Delta Dawn and visit...

The Marry Me Townie household. The last two houses in the hood combined to form this one house.

Things were pretty boring here too. Meadow and Oood Bnar would tkae breaks from studying to Smootsy.

Our dear Shannon is also looking for love. She is realed to Mario in case anyone was wondering why those two didn't get together.

The gyspy didn't do such a hot job for Shannon. She dropped this guy, who was such a loser I don't even know his name. Shannon continues looking for love.

Matthew didn't have a hard time in that department. He invited his long time friend Lynn over.

It wasn't long before he was getting his first kiss.

He was so enammered he...

...dropped to one knee.

A wedding is planned upon Matthew's graduation.

Matthew wasn't the only one in love. OodBnar sure is with the former paper girl Amy Jones.

Ood Bnar loved his fiancee so much he could no longer resist her charms and gave himself to her for the first time.

If you'll remember, he was not her first. Is the former paper girl looking ot make headlines of her own?

Speaking of carnal knowledge, the betrothed couple Meadow and Beju decided not to wait either.

Miss Meadow got herself a new look. For anyone watching "Hereos" the cheerleader has always bothered me because I couldn't think of who she reminded me of, now I know. Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!

Now we say good-bye to these five. All except Matthew have been accepted into the greek house. Matthew has been denied twice.

A little neighborhood info before we go.

Mario Morreli bought this lovely house upon graduation.

He wanted a home for Diana.

She moved in immediately.

After a quick trip to the salon for Diana, Mario droped to one knee and declaired he wanted her to be his wife.

She accepted with glee.

Then the two fell in love.

Ian and Tressie have also movedin to the house. We hope this won't cramp anyone's style.

Simmers Note: This is the end of my round, the next person you'll hear from is Lynn.


Bubbs said...

You engaged me??? OMG!! Hehe, at least I get myself first.

Good update! Looks like a full group of kids here.

ASimWen said...

Ah Locke Bach. That one got by me last round. Heh. Glad to see he is finally getting in class.

As I looked at all these people, they looked so familiar to me, but I couldn't remember who was supposed to be hooked up with whom. Great match Joe and Orchid. :) Looks like they were made for each other.

I didn't bother with the Kate and Shannon Bach. For some reason the Bach house seemed so hard for me. Oh wait a minute...that is right..there was lots of babies taking the spot light there! LOL

Ah Mario hookin' up with a Townie. Good move there too. Heh. She cleaned up good.

Gad...that Amy Jones has an ulterior motive, I think. hehehe

Nice pictures of all the portraits!

Woo Lynn and Matthew. It is about time Lynn fess up to who she REALLY likes..hhehehe.

Awww Meadow is a cutie with that new hairstyle. I don't know if I have that one.

Wow Mario got a house that is quite medevil looking. He looks happy moving in.

Ian and Tressie moved in with Mario and Diana. :)


ruby said...

Whew you've been busy!
Love Meadow's new look, its beautiful and TOO funny about the Cheerleader, I totally see it now that you mention it
Great job!

Bubbs said...

Yeah, umm, Meadow won't have that hair...I don't have it either.

I can't wait to get my hands on this group now. :)

Rachel said...

Most of the hair for Uni is from thanks to the $7.65 sale until 1-1-07, so if anyone wants them now would the time. I just can't stand Maxis hair, it's too darn boring. A bunch of these guys are going to be townies in Prosperity Point so I wanted them to have the hair they will as townies.

Yeah it's hard to remember who is with whom.

Anonymous said...

Great job of course. Too much love ahhh!!! Love all the simmies here, plus their portraits are tres awesome.

Merry Xmas!


Cait said...

Loved this update. I may have to get a subscription to Peggy sims. I love her free hair and will have to spend a day downloading everything there for the $7.95. Thanks for the head's up.

I LOVE Orchid. I can't wait to get this sim on my machine so I can have that skin. She's gorgeous.

Looks like you did a great job with the hookups. I love that you continued painting the portraits. I did that one turn when they were all graduating. I thought it would be a fun touch.

Hoping Lynn hurries up so I can have a turn. :D