Thursday, December 07, 2006

Round 8: The Bachs (Falkor)

Mara: Hello everybody! Thanks for coming to get caught up on our week here in Viosinage-Partage. I'm Mara you mind remember me from 4 weeks ago when I was Mara Tellerman. I live in this house with my husband Falkor Bach, our daughter Fawn and my husband's friend from college, Leia Skywalker. Yes, she's still here, but we can talk more about that in a bit.

Leia's, umm, friend, Quavi comes by from time to time. He adores Fawn, which is sort of weird if you ask me.

I met Tiffany. She's a wonderful dog that the little girl, Salla Skywalker likes.

Falkor arrived home with some exciting news. He's reached the top of his career!

Brittany Bach came to visit that same day with her pup, West in toe. I swear West must want to meet 'bout everybody.

Well this is why Leia is still here. She found she was expecting and Falkor didn't want her to be on her own raising a baby.

That night she invited over her "love" Quavi and he rejected her for a kiss. Turns out he caught her cheating, with who? I don't know.

Not too much later he had forgiven her.

Yeah, I guess he really forgave her.

All right so as if I wasn't upset with Leia before. The next morning the social worker shows up to drop off a kid for Leia.

Not that I have anything against Germesha, it isn't her fault her new mom is taking advantage of her friend.

Leia tried to be all lovey dovey with her right away, but she won't have it.

She didn't want to be horrible so she showed her new mom what she could already do.

In the orphanage Germesha was never allowed to do anything fun with her hair so I took her straight out for a new look. She's cute huh?

Well, that afternoon Leia invited Quavi over again! Her daughter just arrived and she's already ignoring her! The really strange part is the maid, Lucy, was horrifed at what she saw, like a relative was hooked up Leia or Quavi.

Well, back to my family, Falkor realized that the sports lime light wasn't for him and he went into business.

At leastLeia did find time to play golf with her daughter.

Falkor apparently has had some problems with his mom. It's funny how many relationships can go arrey when someone goes to sleep with an open venue.

The next day was Germesha's first day at school. She was expecting to do well, but was disappointed to come home with just a C+.

That night was also my little girl's birthday.

What a beauty she has grown to be.

Falkor set right into playing golf with her. He's such a great father!

Not to be out of the spot light for long, Leia went into labor that night.

With not one, but TWO babies!!!

Lealand and Lily and adorable, I must admit, but I know this just means more work for us.

In case there was any doubt, I know I had some, the twins are Quavi's.

Leia stepped up some and helped Germesha with her homework.

Fawn met Tiffany and had a good time playing with her. Fawn is such a quiet girl and keeps to herself most of the time.

I even gave Tiffany a bath before it was time to tend to the babies.

Leia wouldn't even hire a nanny. She said to me, "Darling you'll take care of the babes while I'm at work. You're so great at it! Okay!" Yeah, I like them, but this is too much. I hired one for when I'm gone.

Poor Fawn came home with a C+ her first day from school too.

I'm so proud of my Falkor, he reached the top of another career!

Remember that nanny I hired? Well I guess Jan Tellerman had some kind of beef with her.

I'm surprised she came back the next day.

Falkor once again proved to be a great father. Fawn was so upset about her C+ her helped her with her homework right away.

Then he fixed the trash compacter.

And changed babies' dirty diapers even if they weren't his babies.

Fawn is a curious girl. She said she wanted to know where our green skin came from. I told her to look to the stars, so she did.

I was getting anxious that to get my $100,000 so I opened a venue. Just a pool table and bowling alley. Nothing big.

Germesha seems to be doing well despite who her mother is. She brought home her first A+ and who did she run to? Not her mother, but my Falkor.

She's even made friends with Keenan Bach. He seems like a real outgoing boy.

Leia was off doing something so I grabbed Lily to help her with her birthday. It was only when she heard the horns that Leia came running in.

I even had to take her to the potty for the first time.

And I got her a sweet new hair do.

Falkor had to help Lealand with his birthday.

And with his first trip to the potty.

It's funny we have these fun things to do at the house and all the customers want to do is use our treadmill.

We had a wolf stop by the lot.

And this cat, Kim.

The strange thing is the two of them played together. Weird.

Anyway, Fawn is quite taken with Kim. Perhaps we'll adopt her one day.

I about died of shock when I saw Leia teaching Lealand to talk. He had this look on his face of, "Who are you lady?"

He seemed more excited to see Tiny Bach. I think it was the red hair, reminded him of me.

And where was his mother? Making out with Quavi, AGAIN!!!

Then at the least the two of them went in and played with Lily. All the fun, none of the work for these two.

Meanwhile I was building a servo.

Selling it, put me over the $100,000 mark. Yippee!!!

Well speaking of Yippee, well Leia wasn't with her babies.

Or her babies' daddy for that matter!

Well I was still upset from the whole whore thing when I heard Brittany Bach screaming!

The wolf, Boots, was terrorizing her. I cleared him off and calmed Brittany down.

I even helped Germesha with some cooking skills.

And Brittany enjoyed some cheesecake.

Well that's everything that happened this week. See you all next time.

Funny pictures:

I had to leave the lot and go back after Leia had the twins and here she is holding them both as infants. Never seen this before.

And gotta love the toddler in the tummy shot.


ruby said...

LSHICB! gotta love the glitchy pictures.
Leia should be kicked out, but without her babies. Sheesh what a mother she is. The twins are adorable! I love their looks especially Lily's haircut. Of course I'm a huge Quavi fan!
And that look on Rachel's face, too funny!
Congrats! Wow, Falkor is the man.. not just one but two TOC's and Mara getting her LTW/IW. This is one awesome family!

Bubbs said...

omg! What a great update! I can't believe Leia turned out so bad, lol. I wonder if she will marry Quavi or will something else, umm, happen to her??

ASimWen said...

Erm...don't you guys see the same thing I do???? What the heck-a-roonie is Brittany Bach eating???? Heh. Awww.. love the pic of Quavi hugging Fawn. :) Not unusual to see Quavi huggin' kids though.

Apparently Tiffany the dog likes to make the rounds in the hood to meet everyone. She is a pretty dog. I agree with Ruby. Falkor is DA MAN...two TOC's in one week. heh.

Eh, I knew it wouldn't be long before Quavi and Leia fell back in love. :)

Germesha? Where did that name come from? Matches her looks, I say. hehehe

Wow I wonder what was going on Lucy the Maid's mind to get up set about Quavi huggin' Leia?

Awww...Fawn is a cutie, all growed up!!

Lealand and Lily look lots like their mommy and daddy put together. :)

Heheh great update....:)