Sunday, December 31, 2006

Round 9 - Skywalker (Lando)

Let's go fly a kite! Up to the highest height. Let's go fly a kite and then be merry....

Hola amigos! How's it hanging? Lando here welcoming you to my house. I am in a great mood today as I have a good close friend coming over...

Rachel, my love, it is great to see you! Oh how I have missed you.

Here is my dear friend Rachel helping out around the house, you know

Wait one minute here! What is she doing in this house now? This was not part of my plan, why did she move in. Rachel, why did you move in??

Shhh voice from above, I am putting my baby to bed. My babies are tired and need their rest....SHHHH!!!

Gonna talk to me now Rachel? Why are you here? This was not in my plan! You are not part of the official plan for this round!!

Plans can change and have...change is good, remember??? Now be quiet for now, I have business to take care of here.

Catalin, it was really nice of you to let me stay here with you. I really appreciate it, my being homeless and all.

No problem, we are your friends.

Why do I have a bad feeling about this???

Rachel!!! Call the fire department! The hot dogs you were making are burning! RACHEL!! Call them!! Where are you Rachel??

Rubber ducky your the one and you make it lots of fun! Rubby ducky the ulitmate best friend is youuuuuu!!!

Do you hear yelling? Nope, me neither.

Tsk tsk Rachel tsk tsk. Why did you do this??

Help me!!! FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!

{sigh} Catalin, what happened to you??? Who would have thought you would die...I KNOW Rachel didn't do this.

Think again Lando, think again....

Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Dontcha wish you girlfriend was a freak like me? Dontcha....

Hmm, is this the real reason you are here? Me thinks so....

Have you bet Salla? Isn't she a doll?

We have bigger issues to talk about here Rachel.

Hmm, nope we don't, not right now we don't.

Lando is now mine and mine alone. I have my BABIES!!!

Rachel, you must stop this now! This is Catalin's family. You moved in and DESTROYED their family!!!

Nope, not me. Want to see my babies?

Here is my baby, Rom. He looks like his daddy some, huh?

Really now? Your baby???

Yepper mine. All mine!!

Here we have my baby Sariss!! She is the princess of the house...

Rachel, you know she is NOT your baby....

Boy oh boy, my dear Lando loves me and I love him. His pesky wife is gone...

And what hand did you have in that?? You are the reason she is!!

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Myer weiner, that is all I really like to be....

Ok, what are you doing now? Rom is sleeping out here!

An if I were an Oscar Myer weiner, everyone would be in love with ME!!!


Not me, look at who else is here. Why are you trying to blame me for EVERYTHING????

Umm, let me give you two reasons: 1 - Catalin and 2 - we just saw you making the hot dogs!!!

Oops, well everything is not what it seems.

He loves me and we are now MARRIED!! See, change can be good for all!

Uh-huh, you are a family destroyer!

Did you know we have a cat? Her name is Ariel. She is an old cat, I hope she lives a long time.

On a side note: I HATE this house and this bridge!! Nice house to view in the neighborhood, but it was not very playable!

Did you see my baby Calla now has a boy friend?

How many times do I have to tell you, these are NOT your babies!!!

Hush voice from above! My babies, my house!!

How about I tell the nice readers about what ELSE you did Rachel? How about that???

Umm, what??? You won't do that now will you?

What about the day that everyone was gone and you brought over someone???

Consenting adults, consenting....

Did you forget dear Lando? I hope not as today was my birthday! I'm "ALIVE AND KICKING!!!!

Now you have done it we have a ghost in the house.

Again, not MY fault...Lando should have known I don't like to share and something bad was going to happen....not MY fault!!!

You know the ghost tried to kill this nice visitor we had.

And that is my fault how???? And you know your plan was changable anyway. Not like it was totally set in stone...remember JennTSG's request??? Did you have that in your notes???

Be quiet! Enough!

Ariel died!! Ariel died !!!

Yep this one was a shocker to me also...I didn't know about the elder cat that someone bought. Time to say farewell dear readers. Maybe Catalin can take care of Rachel....she would not listen to me at all!!

Round 9 - Bach

Hello friends and family! Barrymore here with our next letter of happenings in our house. Here you see my sister, Braidy and myself showing our younger brothers how to study. One of our dogs is out here also. I believe this is West.

The home venue is still going strong. You see here some of our customers love to work out. We did stop charging the customers for a little while, you know, as a 'Thanks for being loyal'.

Sad news hit our family, it seems our mother Brittany was sick and she came home from work on the first day and well, died. {sniffle}

We were all in shock and no one was able to get over there to help her out. This wacky customer watched the whole thing. What is his deal????

Then when one of my brother's shows up to mourn he muttered something about 'one down' and left. Weird!! My mom will be missed but there are 10 of us kids around here to remember her by.

Here is my sister Braidy, playing with our puppy North. Cute little puppy, I bet North will be a nice well behaved dog unlike others around this neighborhood.

Here I am, by the way. I figured I needed some sort of change to make me stand out. Aren't I handsome?? I need to be handsome so the girls will think I am a hottie!! I need some girlie lovin!!!

Here is my brother Keenan. He seems to have the family nose like I do. Don't ask about the chicken hat......

It must be some weird twin thing because Caleb did it also. I think they said the first one to take it off is the bigger chicken.

This weird person shows up a lot at our house. He was here on almost a daily basis. Right now I am getting up the nerve to ask him what, if anything, Mom said before she died.

North grew up into a nice looking dog. Looks a lot like her parents, huh?

Here is my dad holding Curtis. Where did that green skin come from? I've seen that person named MOSS, is he really their father? One would think that if you had this skin in your genes it would have shown up BEFORE now....doesn't matter, he is my brother and loves attention.

Braidy also decided to change her hair some. Mom would have NEVER gone for this, but since she isn't here..... Dad is a little unsure of everything right now. Losing mom really upset him.

Braidy regularly goes and helps out with Curtis and Karoline. Those two really adore her. She said to forget the skin issue, they are our siblings.

Here she is with Karoline. Karoline is such a quiet sister. I guess with 4 brothers and 1 sister in the house, she really looks up to Braidy.

Ranger Morelli called today. He told me a wild story of the new stranger. He said the guy is a MURDERER!!! I'm not too sure what to think of this. He didn't make mom sick, did he????

Dad just continues to fill out paperwork for mom's life insurance policy. He said they are giving him trouble over her policy. Something about a poison she ate at the Morelli house.

Ever wonder how to use this sim vac item? Here we have Braidy showing us how to steal some aspiration. This doesn't hurt them, does it???

Today our toddler siblings grew into children. I noticed this townie hung around for this event. I think he is upset at Braidy for using the vac on him.

You know she vac'ed him AGAIN!! Then he just dropped to the ground like a lunatic. Boy this man is messed up!!

Curtis the elf boy! He said if his brothers can wear chicken hats, he can wear elf ears.

Quiet little Karoline also grew up today.

Karoline likes to play the piano for HOURS! She loves the having the fire beside her while she plays.

FIRE!!!!! FIRE!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!

(As requested by JennTSG)

Our little quiet sister Karoline has passed away. Life is strange like that, you know. That strange visitor was here also. Hmm, I need to call Ranger Morelli now....

Ok, this dude has really lost it now! Look here he is with the ball he called Professor Von Ball!! What a nut....

Dad plays music in honor of our dear sister Karoline. All he will say is such is the circle of life. Everyone must die at some time....

Yep, the headmaster came by to visit us. He was more than happy to let us into his private school. Dad mentioned something about being a financial backer of the school does not hurt either.

Give me your skills I say. That is why you are here, right? HAHAHA!

Just a picture of two of my brothers studying up for school.

The older twins had their birthdays today. Neither one is willing to take off the hat either. DORKS!!!

Why is my father talking to this man? Maybe I should have warned him about this man.

If only, if is too late now. Dad has passed away from old age...

Keenan was the first to get rid of his hat. He said he had to change his hair to this in dad's honor.

Somedays I really wonder about Keenan and Caleb. Caleb here thought the happy hat looked fun to wear....

Man, now he is gone too. So many sad times around here. One must wonder about our house.... I agree with Ranger...BLAME THE STRANGER, HE IS A MURDERER!!!

Not to be left out, Keenan went on his own vac'ing spree.

What is Braidy doing? She said he is MR BIG and she wants him in her life! Umm sis? He is an adult and you, well you aren't...

With a few people of out the house, I decided, YES I DID since I am now the MAN of the house, to add an elevator.

Braidy decided she must go to College now. I agreed to stay here with our siblings and run the family businesses. Have fun sis!!

Caleb came back to visit us today. So far he has stayed around his death site and only scares our guests. That can't be good in the long run, huh?


My fun :)