Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Round 8: The Morellis

Round 8: The Morellis
Whose Your Daddy?

Mariabella: Hey there, welcome back. I'm Mariabella, I look a little different than the last time you saw me huh? Yeah, lots has happened. It's been a real roller coaster. Let me clue you in.

These are my parents Tiny and Ranger Morelli. They were pretty happy I think.

This here is Kristi Strickland stealing our newspaper. It seems my parents made lots of enemies.

Dad decided he wanted a couple cats. Said no house is complete without um. This is Roux.

We had to teach him not to scratch everything to pieces.

Here's a guy that didn't like Dad, Chevy. Like he has anything to be too proud of, he's wearing a chicken hat for Pete's sake!

Here's our second cat Dad adopted, Sweets. She's pretty.

See what I mean, Dad and Chevy did NOT get along. I can't believe Mom went out there in her undies to cheer him on Gawd!!!

Dad won though thank goodness, nothing like losing to a guy in a chicken hat to ruin your day.

Dad sure did love those cats.

So do I, in fact. Look at that air she got there. Yep, that's me as a child.

The kitties like to play when we're all gone.

Here's when Mom helped me with my homework. Notice Dad running in the background? Yeah that's what did it I think.

Grimmy came for my dad that day.

Everyone was so upset except that Chevy guy, he cheered! What a jerk! At least he took off that stupid hat.

Even the cats cried.

Mom started listening to music and rocking out pretty quick after Dad died. She also invited over a friend of her's, like right away.

Yep it was Kalan. He's been pining after her like forever I guess.

What is it with this house? Dad's second wife, Wen, moved in right after his first wife died and now this this. Dad's urn is still on the living room floor and Mom's getting engaged already

Kalan seems like a good enough guy, so we'll see. I think I'm more upset with Mom anyway.

Speaking of Wen. Ghosts are running wild here.

Next thing I know Mom announces she's pregnant. Well the timeline is sort of hard, so I set myself to figuring out who the baby's daddy is?

Kalan loves the cats too. I bet Dad would be happy that someone else loves them even if it's his replacement. I miss my Dad and the cats do too I know.

So then this van shows up. Everyone was all confused. Mom figures Dad called them.

So this lady drops off a little sister for me, named Mardee. She has giraffe skin and has an interesting face.

Mom took right to her, like she was a gift from Dad from beyond.

She taught her everything she needed to know.

Mardee loves the cats too. Yep definitely from Dad.

Well apparently the ghosts were awakened by Mardee's arrival because they started what can only be described as the most ruthless hauntings in the history of sim-kind

Maybe you can't tell, but the bowling alley is floating, creepy!

Mom said the ghosts were so bad she didn't know if she would make it through the night. She wanted me and Mardee to have a legal guardian without too much fuss so they eloped.

That sure didn't stop the hauntings though.

Mom sue was happy when the next morning came.

Here I am getting my first A+. My teachers were so proud with all I had been through.
Sweats and Roux both got jobs. They both are doing well.

Kalan helps out with tricks they need for work.

Mom does too.

Before we knew it, it was time for my sisters to be born

Yep, I said sisters, plural!

Times like this I sure do miss Dad. He's been through this so much. He would know just what to do.

Little Arianna and Brianna came into our family. They look pretty similar. They both have blond hair. Arianna has red eyes and Brianna has brown.

Sweets is doing really well at her job. Here is when she got another promotion.

Kalan brought home that jerk Chevy. I heard they're friends, interesting since he hated my dad.

Kalan got this pet house in hopes that they would have kittens, but Roux and Sweets don't like each other.

Before too long it was Mardee's birthday. Kalan took to her like she was his own. Dad would be happy that she had a father figure.

Kalan hired this weird looking nanny for when he's at work. With me, Mardee and the twins, even if Mom is off she needed the help.

Although she spent a lot of time taking care of this bag of flour. How odd!

Oopps, I don't know how this got in here. Keep moving along.

No, don't worry this isn't Mom dying too. She's just showing Sweets how to play dead.
She even worked on potty training Roux.

We aren't quite there yet.

This is Mardee on her first day of school.

Kalan really is a good guy. He really loves Mom and all us girls.

He helped the twins grow up too.

Oh and Roux got promoted.

Oh yeah, here's Brianna at her cake. Mom's friend Xuan was there too.

Arianna defiantly doesn't look like Dad and I think Brianna looks more Mom. So I guess Kalan is their father. I'm no fool and I guess that means Mom had Woohoo with Kalan before Dad died.

I started to think there was something amiss when the elevator cable snapped right after I realized this. The electrician said it was just old though.

Mom helped Mardee with her homework. I know how much Dad would have liked to do that *sign* But he's gone.

That day Mom said she wasn't feeling too well again and we both had our suspicions. I sure wasn't happy about it, but Dad is gone and Mom's remarried so if her and Kalan were going to have a baby, I guess that's alright, they already have twins after all.

Mom kept helping the cats learn their necessary tricks. Dad would be happy that they were doing well.

Kalan gets along with Mom's friends really well. They even talk about WooHoo so I guess they are pretty close.

They sure did enjoy teaching the twins to walk together.

Kalan is a wonderful father. I'm glad Mom has someone that makes her happy.

Xuan also likes to visit with Mardee. She maxed out her logic thanks to many chess games.

Kalan helped her with her creativity.

As much as I like Kalan, I'm always happy to see Mom when she gets home.

Oh yeah, there's the cats fighting.

Mom's suspicions were confirmed today thanks to a doctor's visit.

All toddlers love cats don't they?

This is Lynn, she's a local. She's a nice woman, a little weird though. Who wears a pirate outfit all the time?

Mom loves to spend her pregnancy playing with the twins.

I learned to be more creative too.

I guess Kalan has enemies too. No he isn't fighting Lynn, she's just gotten too close.

Oh, here's my birthday.

Didn't I turn into a lovely teen? Yeah, well girls just wanna have fun ya know?. I was going for a Cyndi Lauper sort of look here.

Lynn claims she's shy, but here she is getting into the hot tub all nakee!

So now you're all caught up. Mom's about ready to pop

I'm trying to get a few more scholarships before I head to University.

The twins are working on their skills

And Mardee is dreaming sweet dreams.
Catch ya later!


Bubbs said...

Aww, Mardee is a cutie!! Where did she come from???
Ranger died?? {{{sob}}}
R-A-N-G-E-R!!!! I will miss you. {sniffle}

Twins?!? Too cool! They look like fun. :)

ruby said...

Mardee... oh my ... interesting uh look there .. yeah ... wow.. *shudder*
Fun update, gosh they move from spouse to spouse rather quickly!

ASimWen said...

Er?? Tiny and Ranger on the bed right at the beginning? I know! I'll bet they woo-hoo'd...no trying for baby there. heh.

Rachel I think you will find there are alot of enemies in the hood for no reason. That is because Bastain ran an open venue over night (whilst I slept) to get his LTW of 5 top rated businesses...and there were TONS of fights. Start checkin' everybody's memories for them.

Yeah, I couldn't resist. I had to have Chevy and Kirstee live on since they are coming to their end in Prosperity Falls... This way my friends can enjoy them too. :) They are not married here. They do not even know each other, if I am remembering the way I set them up.

Heh so the old guy Ranger beat up Chevy! LOL Oh and BTW...Chevy and Kirstee are family sims like in the Falls.

Awww Sweets is a cutie! I love tuxedo cats.

Ha! Chevy cheered at Ranger's funeral! That is too much. hehehe

Awww...I am glad you found Kalan. He loves Tiny so much. :) I was hoping you would do that. Yep you are right, that house seems to have quick turn over for wives. hehehe

Oy vey! The ghosts did come out alot. I wondered if Connie would haunt anymore since her urn got smashed last round.

Oh ouch...Mardee....a face only a dead daddy could love....

Hmmm...Twins...why doesn't that surprise me? hehehe Pretty girls indeed. Red eyes? Seems like I have seen those somewhere else in the hood.... ? heh. Arianna doesn't have any eyebrows as an infant. Wierd. Brianna did. hm. Food for thought.

Chevy came home with Kalan? Too funny!

Awww...too bad the cats don't get along. Roux looks like the first cat I adopted when I was testing the EP. He is an elder and should die pretty soon.

A nanny that has been vamped? And she still came to work? Hm. That is new. Did you do that?

*wiping sweat from brow* there for a minute I thought Tiny was dying....with Sweets looking on. glad it was only an acting lesson.

You are right, Kalan is right at home with all the girls. :) I think he likes being a dad. Brianna is a beauty!

OOhh! Do I see a budding romance between Xuan and Mardee???? If he came over to see her alot!

I always knew SimLynn was a woman in pirate's clothing! She had us all fooled...

Mariabella is gorgeous!

Can't wait to play the hood again!


Anonymous said...

I downloaded the hood when you got it just to see what was happening and my cheat told me that Tiny was pregnant with Stormy's baby. Weird. I wanted Tiny and Kalan together as well.

I agree...Mariabella is very pretty. That Mardee sure is ....unique. LOL


Rachel said...

Cait you weren't supposed to tell! I wanted everyone to find out on their own. It was a real shocker I have to say when I looked. I was expecting Ranger or Kalan to show up as the father. That cheat takes the fun out of it. At least Kalan doesn't know they aren't his.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry!! I was downloading the extra file Wen had and thought, "why not...." At least I didn't check any of the other lots. Something in Wen's post had made me really curious to check the lot out (it's been so long I can't remember why), and I kept waiting for you to reveal who the dad was. Then I thought my system must have messed up. LOL

Hopefully no one came back here to read what I wrote. :) I WAS curious when I saw those red eyes. ~Cait

Bubbs said...

HAHAHA! I come check the blog out almost daily when the family is elsewhere. :)