Saturday, October 14, 2006

Round 7: University

Round 7: University

Ok don't ya'll faint on me now. There are 15 kids in University now. I know you have been reading the blog this round, so you know some of the teens had loves, and began going steady. My heart just could not let them break up. :)

Let's start with the ones that were already here when I got the hood. That would be Tressie Tellerman, and cousins Ian and Mario Morelli.

Man. Mario Morelli has a pair of ears on him. He is a fortune sim with a want of 5 Top Level businesses. My thought was to get him started on that, but I did not. Bastain wore me out. lol SO I just let him write novels to get his wants.

Mario the Novelist. Mario has 4 more semesters to go before graduation.

Ian Morelli is pretty handsome, and is a Knowledge Sim. Does he remind you of a So-And-So in Prosperity Falls? He has 4 more semesters to go.

This is Romance Sim Tressie Tellerman with the 'engaged' symbol above her head. HUH? A Romance Sim and a Knoweldge Sim engaged? Incredible I know. They had two bolts. But to even things out, Tressie is now a Knowledge Sim, but there are still only two bolts. She has three more semesters to go.

Now for the Noobies.

Joe Morelli and Jack Jonas

Kate Bach

Shannon Bach

Locke Bach

Stephanie Morelli

Now for the house where the hood kids live with their intendeds.

Amadalla Tellerman and....

Alvin Futa

Beju Skywalker and...

Meadow Thayer

Ood Bnar Skywalker and....

Former newspaper delivery girl Amy Jones

Ya'll have fun now, ya hear?


Bubbs said...

Mario isn't half bad looking. Ian is a hotie. :) Love the couples you put together.

ruby said...

Ian totally looks like So-And-So in Prosperity Falls!!
I think the Skywalker boys, Beju and Ood Bnar are hotties! I can't wait to see their babies.