Friday, October 13, 2006

Round 7: The Tellermans

Round 7: The Tellermans

Okie schmokie. If you all will recall, Bastain Bach had run an Open Venue business to aid in reaching his LTW of 5 top rated businesses. I found that Bastain had had seven fights with Cloudy Skywalker, who happens to live in the Tellerman house with his wife, Elizabeth Morelli-Skywalker. Don't ask how they came to live there. lol

Well, I found it funny that Bastain had fought seven times with the same person, one Cloudy Skywalker. So I decided to check out Cloudy's memories, first thing upon entering this lot. Get a look:


Yeah. So I check out his personality. Cloudy only has two nice points. In other words, he is as mean as Kennedy Cox. hehehe. Looks like there was some cheatin' going on, as well. Getting caught, and catching someone. lol. I stirred up a hornet's nest with that open venue. Now all kinds of people in the hood are mad at each other, but it just makes things more interesting.

So I decide to let Cloudy have a party just to see who would come. Look at his list of enemies...

I didn't bother inviting any of those people.

At any rate, the party commenced with a few of the Sims who really didn't mind Cloudy's mean nature. But looky here.......A Sim on the Enemies list showed up uninvited....

This Sim is on a quest.

The party is goin' along great. In fact, Cloudy is being a great host and behavin' himself...passing out snacks and stuff. Like a good guy. But Kennedy looks like he has some real business there in the Tellerman house that day.

OH my! But look closely. Kennedy is fightin' with somebody who has two knobs on her head. lolol

Heh. Two Maxis Sims that don't get along. For sure. Kennedy left after the fight. It was as if he came there just to do that. The party went on with out incident. That is strange, 'cuz if you notice, one of Cloudy's old girlfriends is there.

OH well anyway. Here it is....

The token sneakin' picture. Heh. All the teens wanna sneak out first thing when I open the lot. I forget who Amadalla snuck out with. LOLOL She did this the first night after the party.

Speaking of Amadalla. At the party she and Alvin Futa fell in crush/love...ahhh..another Maxis Sim lures our hometown heros.

In the meantime, Cloudy and Elizabeth start making up. Yeah...apparently she found him cheating somewhere, as you can see by his memories. Probably at Bastain's open venue. She was furious with him. But they kept naturally gravitating to each other and made up on their own. I wasn't gonna help 'em.

But, even though Cloudy was trying to be a lover to Elizabeth, he still harbored fighting thoughts. Look at this. He is thinking about fighting while Anakin has thoughts about not wanting to fight. They are enemies too.

Anakin too just wants to be a great lover to his fiancée Shada Tellerman. One of the few true Tellermans in this house. So they decide to get married in a quiet bedroom ceremony. It worked. Fighting is the last thing on Anakin's mind.

Shada is the peacekeeper. She attempted to keep an even keel on everything. She constantly congratulated Cloudy on his accomplishments.

It didn't take long before Shada and Anakin had a little Alien bun in the oven.

Hmmmm I wonder if these two will be makin' any little buns?

And poor Kalan is on the prowl. Here he is already graduated from in the Tellerman house, and not even engaged. This nice woman came home with him from work. They have one bolt, but there doesn't seem like there is real chemistry there.

Ah. Cloudy's son Joe has come to visit. If you will remember, Joe did some pretty mean things over at the Morelli house this round. Smashed Connie's urn, and stomped the graves of Wen SimSelf and Ron SimSelf. Here he knocks over the trashcan of his dad's house.

Then he runs around back and starts ruining the flower beds. GAD! The boy really has a chip on his shoulder!

Here Amadalla got some practice cooking for the family. Mmmmm just what everybody wanted! Charred pork! Now that is done pork!

Elizabeth is doing well. She reaches the top of another career.

In efforts to make himself more attractive to women, Kalan also reaches a milestone in his career and reaches perm plat status. Hmmm..maybe he looks like a good provider now.

BOYS! Boys! That's enough, I tell you! Anakin looks like he is on the losin' end of this fight.

Anakin tries to get back at Cloudy, but his sissy slappin' doesn't have much effect on the tough street fighter.

Kalan is showing how helpful he can be around the yard by repairing the flowerbed. If that doesn't get a woman interested in him, I don't know what will.

Well between all the drama of fighting and flower bed smashing, little Cado Skywalker is born. What a strapping lad!

Amadalla is having thought about Alvin. Hm. I wonder?

Woah! I think Kalan has hit on something here! Here is Tiny Bach. She came walking by the house one day, and Kalan ran out to greet her. And greet her he did!

Woo-hoo! So has Amadalla!

Kalan gets some pointers from the kids.

Cloudy catches an eyefull too. I hope this helps him to be a nicer person.

Apparently Kalan learned alot....


GAWD! Do they need an audience! Kalan looks completely goofy here!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...we know Kalan. I don't think YOU need an audience.


And here is where we leave the Tellermans for this round. lol

Great job, Amadalla! She will be leaving for University. Will her man be there with her????


Bubbs said...

Cloudy is a mean sim, huh? He is a FIGHTER!!! Hmm, doesn't look like he has many lovers left he hasn't cheated on, lol.

Kennedy shows up univited? HAHAHA

How cute, Cloudy and Elizabeth made up on their own. Kalan is still shy? Aww, I was hoping he would get over that. Poor Joe is so confused about his parents. Yeah Kalan found love. HAHA, with the girl who gets around the hood....

Cait said...

I was wondering if Kalan and Tiny would hook up this round. He was hot for her at his Graduation party when she was all pregnant. :)

Doesn't Kalan have the strangest features? Some of the other sims, if you put them in other clothes, you can't tell who they are....but he's just so unique.

I didn't realize Cloudy was such a mean one.

Cait said...

Oh, and the Tellerman house used to be the Skywalker house, so Cloudy grew up there. That's how he came to live there with his mama. LOL

Cait said...

BTW, I'm surprised nothing happened with Kalan and TIny at that party...what with them all in love.

ASimWen said...

Hehehe I think everyone was focused on all the fighting at the party, that is why Kalan and Tiny didn't get together then. I had invited Tiny hoping to get her to come on to Cloudy to stir the pot between him and Elizabeth. But I got swept up in all the fighting drama too. lol At that time I forgot Kalan and Tiny had a history.
That is right. This is where the Skywalkers started. Heh. How quickly I forget.
That is true, Kalan does have very distinctive features. Would know him anywhere! - Wen

Rachel said...

What a soap opera this house is! Cloudy fighting with and/or cheating on everyone. I guess we have an even better idea why Joe is so mean. I never would have thought Cloudy was mean. Who is Tiny married to anyway? I can't remember, I'll sort it out when I get them. Kalan the home recker? Poor Cado almost got over looked.