Thursday, October 05, 2006

Round 7: The Skywalkers

Round 7: The Skywalkers

Heh. Look at that picture. As you can tell, Atreyu has aged to elder. Notice what he is wearing. He now matches his son space traveler extraordinaire Ood Bnar in the wearing of the kilt. I have never had a teen grow up in it or an elder either. Kinda cool. Alrighty. Let's get started. With no babies born in this house and no weddings this round, you are probably thinkin...what the heck did the Skywalkers do? Well,
by gosh gee wilikers, plenty! First thing right off all the Skywalker boys are leaving for school. As soon as they leave, ol' Luke gives his main squeeze Claire Morelli-Simself-Skywalker some attention. I am thinking they got married last round. But I really wouldn't know. *ahem*. I didn't see a blog on it....just pictures... lolol

See there? I am thinking...why did Claire marry this old man who is about ready to kick the bucket? Then I catch on. Clair's LTW is to reach her golden anniversary. But it didn't happen for her. *sigh* We'll get to why later. But for now, let us take a look at the kids.

Aww...look at that. Jango brings home an A. He is just beside himself with happiness. These A's will come in handy for him. Ood Bnar stares after his brother. Hm. Ood Bnar is a Fortune Sim. He things TONS about making money. The first thing he rolls is 'Get a Job In Athletics.' It isn't like he needs the money....but he gets one. The job.

And isn't tossin' gnomes. Heh. He made it clear up to Mascot in his teen job in a day. What an
overachiver Ood Bnar is. He got that scholarship plus the one for Extra Terrerstrial. My gosh how cool is that. BTW, Ood Bnar did this autonomously. I had never seen a Sim do this without being told. The Skywalker boys were constantly throwing the gnome.

Here are the boys leaving for school. This makes a really great shot.

You know how it is. They always bring somebody home with them. Here is Mariabella Morelli (just born this round in the Morelli house) comin' home with Aargon. I guess because the celebration is him getting an A, so somebody comes home on the bus.

More school pictures. *smile* All the Skywalkers are sooooo good looking.

Ah. Look who came over after school on this day. Matthew Bach and his sister Shannon. Beju practices his prowress at conducting music, and Argon gets yet another A.

Hey look! Stormy gets promoted to Visionary in the Art field.

Hey look! Atreyu gets fired from his job as a Celebrity Chef due to trying to pay somebody off. Bad mistake Atreyu! He is now Mayor of Viosinage Partagé.
Go you Atreyu!

Ok we all know Luke was brought back from the dead because of a problem. He really didn't wanna leave the hood. And even this time, he argued with Grim. Bah. When it is time to go, it is time go go.

Now there is nice inheritances. :) Love to see those tombstone icons with Simoleon signs on them. Ok let me point out a coupla things in that picture. Remember when I said Claire didn't make it to her golden anniversary? Well it is because Luke died before Claire aged. Also, there is somebody in the energizer in the background. Who is it?

It was Jango. Yup, he aged to teen right when Luke died. It was a hectic time for about a Sim hour there. The first thing I do with teens is run 'em right to the energizer when they age up. He is a Knowledge Sim. He wants to be a Mad Scientist.

Now being that Stormy and Atreyu are both Pleasure Sims, there was always lots of partying going on in the house. Here we are at one of the parties where there is a killer game of kickybag going'. Look who all is in the picture.
First of all I am wonderin' why Jack Jonas has on makeup. Does he have a double life in the Viosinage Partagé we don't know about?? Aw look. There is Meadow Thayer.

Beju had a bad experience with her. Aww.

First of all, ya got to get her to like you at least a little bit, Beju. Heh. is Ood Bnar putting the moves on that foxy paper girl, Amy Jones. Hm. I wonder what their kids would like if they got together???

Claire finally had her grow up day. She missed her golden anniversary by 1 day. Poor thing. She is destined to fight green aspiration for the rest of her life.

Here is a party that happened after Clair's grow up. I know. A little late.

Brittany Bach sneaks over to Ood Bnar's money trees during the party and helps herself.

The new and improved Jango gives his little brother some lessons on life. He is very passionate about the whole thing. Argon seems to be keenly interested in the wisdom Jango has to pass on. Anakin pays his brothers no mind.

After being turned down for a kiss by Meadow, Beju vows to win her over. He gets into shape.

And he takes his Re-Nu-U-Porta Chug. He figures if he changes his turn ons to blonde hair and fitness, he might seem more attractive to Meadow.

Looks like Ood Bnar and Amy are gettin' along just fine.

It's official. :)

It's another birthday. You can tell Stormy called out for it 'cause there are tons of people there. Do you know who they all are? It is Argon's birthday.

Another Family Sim. Argon wants 6 grandchildren.

It is also Stormy and Atreyu's birthday. As they do everything together, they age together. :)


Kilt Man and Wonder Woman! hehehe

Ah. Here we are back with the blossoming romance between Meadow and Beju. got it right this time buddy. Congratulations.

Now she is eating out of the palm of your hand!

Hey, you got nice hair!

Well, now we will wrap up this round with the Skywalkers. Stormy and Atreyu rest peacefully in bed after a successful birthday party.

Argon rests well too. He is getting good lessons on how to throw a good party from Mom and Dad. That ability is essential in a Sim's life, ya know.

See ya next round!


Bubbs said...

Who is in the energizer?? Love the pictures of the inheritances. :)

Is there someone particular we are looking for in the pictures?

Loved the update...makes me curious. :)

Rachel said...

All my babies are growing up! I wonder if Meadow and Amy headed off to college with their guys? I guess I'll have to wait to find out.

Cait said...

OH, NO....Brittany is eating cheesecake!

Rachel said...

Nice catch Cait, I didn't see that. Yippeee Cheesecake twins!!!!!!!!!!!

ASimWen said...

Hehehe Lynn missed it! She says..."What am I looking for?" I said... "What is being eaten and who is eating it!!!!" hehehe She did that on her own. A party was going on, she came in (probably 'cuz her sister lives there) and ate too. They are eating cheesecake because the party started and there was no food in the fridge. I grabbed it out of Claire's backpack. lol