Friday, October 06, 2006

Round 7: Falkor and Mara Bach

Round 7: The Falkor Bach Residence

Yep, I went and done it. I opened a new lot in the hood. Had to. Everyone was packed like sardines in the rest of the houses. OK. Before I played any of the houses in the hood, I went house to house and checked out who was engaged, married...ect. I found that Mara Tellerman and Falkor Bach were engaged, but living in seperate houses. So ok.

Awww look. It is Bastain and Brittany Bach waving goodbye to Falkor. He immeidately got on the phone and moved out. He had found a new place to live. He found it odd and difficult to live in the same house with his relative Bastain and his brood. With Brittany ready to pop again at any time, Falkor figures this is a good time to leave.

Buh-Bye Falkor! Ya'll come back now, Ya Hear? lol yeah right.

This is the house. It is a download from...uh...someplace. It features a below the ground garage. The car looks strange when it comes and goes, but the whole lot is just really cool. It was packed with all custom windows and wallpapers and flooring. I changed all that to Maxis stuff. Rachel pay attention to the stairs. You might have to do something with that. I couldn't figure that out.

Falkor invites his love Mara shopping at Four Winds shopping for wedding clothes. But there is some business to take care of first.

Mara had a want to have her picture taken with Falkor. So in they scoot. Little did I know...

Falkor was harboring a fear of getting his pic taken. I didn't pay much attention. He lost 1,500 asp points right away. Sad. So I had to liven things up!

Apparently Mara had a dislike for public woo-hoo. GAWD....look at that face! I guess no more hopping in the photo booth for those two for anything at all!

While at the shopping center, Falkor and Mara have a visit with Mara's twin sister Shada. I understand she is unattached. Hm. :)

It is time to set up for the wedding. Mara is supposed to go to work but she calls off. Heh. I always get a gas out of this when a Sim fakes being sick.

You may kiss the bride...SWOOP....kiss....hehehe Nobody wanted to sit down and watch the ceremony. They were inside playing kickybag and other things like that. Man.

Cuttin' the have a bite. lol The dress and veil Mara is wearing is from Glamour Life. I really like the dress.

Hrumph. Moonchild, the hussy. Came to the wedding dressed in her wedding gown. Trying to steal the limelight. huh.

Guests and the bride and groom settle down for some fine vittles.

No wedding is complete without the Sim tradition of kickybag. Yeah. Even at weddings. lol

Late into the evening, the wedding party is still goin' on between these two. They have just gotten back from their honeymoon. Neighbor Catalin Day-Skywalker comes by to give the newlyweds her blessing. Oh and see who is comin' down the steps in the background? That is Leia Skywalker. Did I forget to mention she moved in with them? She was stuffed into the Tellerman house with Mara. I just clicked her to move out too with Mara.

She decides to do a little stargazing being that there is no need for her to be around tonight. Mara and Falkor are gonna be plenty busy with no need of her conversation. Leia is looking for her man.

Errrr...Cait...they are kinda busy, ya know????

Leia decides to be a good sport and entertain Catalin so the newlyweds can have some privacy. hehehe As you can see, Leia is proud of the fact she is a business tycoon. She brings big money into the house.

That night, the bride and groom settle down for some snuggling and woo-hoo. Falkor bought Mara a new evening gown on their honeymoon. She has already changed into it so she wont' show up at future weddings in her wedding gown. *AHEM*.

Falkor goes job hunting on the computer. Yeah, yeah, he couldn't let the ladies do alla the work. Take a look at this. On Wednesday when both of them went to work here is what they brought in:

Yep, Mara got a nice bonus. And right after that....

Heh. Leia got a bonus. The house got fixed up some more! Falkor ended up getting a job in the Athletic industry. He spun up a want to get a job in that area. He got it the first day.

OH well...hehehe...I just had to. Hmmm well she was already preggers at her wedding. Photo booth woo-hoo works every time! Yeah!

HO HO! What is going on here? I understand Leia and Quavi er...Quaxi..heheh had a thang going on years ago. Leia decides to call him up to see if he will come over. He scampered his cute lil' butt right over to her house.

They decide to car date in Falkor's expensive set of wheels. Yeah.


In the meantime, Mara is happily waddling thru her pregnancy. I think it agrees with her. She didn't vomit once.

Oh wow!~ Leia gets the same bonus! This house has NO money problems now. Leia can retire now if she wants to. Wow! hehehe There is plenty of money to add on the house for future generations! *hint*

Hm. This might be a little out of order. Leia and Mara become best friends. Good thang since they live in the same house, huh.

Finally the big day arrives, and little Fawn is born. Notice how her name starts with the same letters her dad's does? :)

Here she is. Pretty baby.

It is time for her to grow up already. Falkor is home to do the duty, and he doesn't mind at all.

Happy Birthday Fawn!!!!

Falkor falls right into his fatherly duties and helps take care of Fawn. He doesn't mind helping with potty training.

In the meantime, the romance between Quavi and Leia blossoms. Those two can't get enough of each other.

This is where I end my turn with the Falkor Bach home. Next time I visit, little Fawn will be all grown up. :) I will get to help put her thru Uni.

See ya next time!


Bubbs said...

Falkor didn't want his picture taken? Aww, he is shy. :) Should I have given him a girl friend? LOL - Moonchild wears a wedding dress as her 'mother of the groom' dress? Catalin is mad she wasn't invited I take it.

I love the shirt Leia is wearing. :) I wonder WHO would make something like that....

Cait said...

I knew someone was going to have to start a new house soon. They were getting crowded...and so many babies. LOL

Love the new house.

Rachel said...

Humm, I wonder if Leia is expecting an Anthothian (sorry spelling)? Humm?

I figured by the time I got the hood back there'd be like 5 more houses. Just one is impressive.

ASimWen said...

Rachel you are so suspicious!!!! hehehe

Yeah the shirt....Cait and Rachel, Lynn made a bunch of 'womb war' shirts for our simmies to wear 'cuz of the Anotothian craze to reproduce. Leia is wearing one that has Xuan's picture on it whilst she is dating Quavi. hehehe

ruby said...

I love those shirts, now to find out where to get one!
love the updates, I just love 'em!