Sunday, October 08, 2006

Round 7: The Bachs

Round 7: The Bachs

Howdy. Here is another lot played in the saga of Viosinage Partagé. The patriarch of the Bach family is Bastain since all the original CAS Sims have passed on to the great Sim Beyond in this family. Bastain is a Fortune Sim with an LTW to own 5 Top Rated Businesses. pfft. Like to think it would never happen. Here we go.

We open the story noticing that Brittany Morelli-Bach, Bastain's wife, is pregnant, her last trimester. We know she can pop any minute. The kids Shannon, Kate and Matthew are scampering off to school. I decide to have Bastain visit his businesses. The first one we visited was the grocery store. It was on level 7.

Yes, Bastain is a hard worker. He is sweatin' at the brow. He starts decidin' he needs to get some employees in the place.

Leia Skywalker apparently had put her name in with the employement agency. She wanted something different. She was tired of being a Business Tycoon. OH yes! Bastain had something really different for her to do. In fact, she did it so well, Bastain promoted her to manager right away. Maybe he could start to take it easy.

Why lookie who it is. Lynn SimSelf is shopping for brain food. She is a knowledge Sim, you know. Very quiet and shy. Needs all that extra protien for her brain cells. She buys lots of chicken.

Bastain brings on Joe Carr. Hm. This makes me think he might have already been employed here. hehehehe Joe is great because he has badges already in stocking and casheiring.

Back at the house, there is sneakin' goin' on. What is about the Viosinage Partagé teens sneakin' around all the time? Kate is a Pop Sim, so she is contantly wanting to go out, and make friends. She got some badly needed aspiration with this. Good thing she didn't get caught!

Even though Brittany is pregnant, she is still working on her skills. She needs two more charisma to promote to Blockbuster Director. She made it.

In the meantime, things are swinging at the grocery. But Bastain feels that there is still something that can be done.

He approaches his friend Lynn Simself to help him out. She is flabbergasted to be approached like this, but agrees to help Bastain. As soon as the deal was made....

WOW! A level 10 grocery! Way to go Bastain, looks like your tireless efforts paid off. Now, two more level 10 businesses to go, and you will be home free.

Back at the Bach Poker Parlour, Stephanie Morelli decides to mix herself a drink. Hm. I thought she was underage.

Taking a clue from their dad, Shannon and Kate get jobs and both reach the top of their career. Nice scholarships!

Finally the big day arrives for Brittany and Bastain. Their next child was about to be born. Hm. I wonder why Brittany is looking so surprised by this development? Labor is something she has been through before. And she has been through this before...

Yep, twins. Baby boy Barrymore and baby girl Braidy. If you will remember in the Skywalker story.... Look Closely. Yeah. The Skywalkers were havin' a party, and Brittany came waltzing in probably 'cuz her sister Claire lives there. She partook in the goodies that came out of Claire's backpack. Emergency food was needed as the fridge was unstocked and there was a big crowd to feed.

Bastain started staying home much of the time and took care of the babies. After all, his youngest son Matthew has grown up.

Yep that's him. Another Knowlege Sim. Good. They are easy, albiet maybe a little boring to play. Great to have around.

Bastain has Robots Inc, but it seems to be getting along great without him. He decides to start and Open Venue. One of those types of places where a person can get on an instrument and entertain their friends. Bastain knew this was something he could sleep through. In no time at all, he had another level 10 business, and was $300,000 richer, and had gained 3 Best of the Best Awards for this lot. (I set this to run for four hours on fast speed whilst I slept. Teehee) He now had 4 top level business memories.

Braidy and Barrymore were very receptive to their dad's money makin' ways.

In the meanwhile, Shannon starts dating Alvin Futa. There is nothing there, no chemistry. She is Pleasure, and he is Knowledge. He was good for First Kiss.

In the meantime, the twins grow up. Awww...cute! The required baby birthday picture.

Woah! Isn't Braidy cute? I think so. Barrymore did not grow up on the same day Braidy did. He waited until after midnight. lol

Oh look, Rachel is in running competition with Stephanie Morelli. Can ya handle it Rachel??

Oh yes. The first time Barrymore tried to grow up it didn't happen. Right when Bastain brought him to the cake, this announcement was made. HORRAY!! The Bach Poker Parlour was a level 10 business. Bastain was now in perm plat.

Finally little Barrymore grows up. :) He carries the Morelli trait, The Nose. What a nice sister Shannon is, taking time from her party to help Barrymore grow up.

Look who is visiting the Bach Poker Parlour? Why, it is Lexi Skywalker-Jonas. Heh. Looks like she is pregnant, havin' a little nausa there. I wonder who the dad is? Read Jonas round 6 for backstory.

Hey lookie! Alvin is leaving Shannon a 'Thanks For The Great Time' present. YAY! My Simmies love getting presents no matter how rich they are. The Bachs by far have been the most successful family in the hood.

DUH!!! He sneaks back away without leaving it! It was a telescope! Boo!

Havin' kids, workin' jobs...things are starging to slow down now. Brittany chills out by taking a chance with the water toy in the yard. Nice and refreshing.

Bastain leaves the worrys behind of running several businesses by joining his patrons in the poker parlour for a few hands.

Things stayed quiet for a while, then the twins grew up. Awww... Braidy is going to be very beautiful.

Barrymore decided to hang out a day longer than Braidy to grow up. He was getting lots of sepcial attention from his mom and decided to take advantage of it!

Finally it was time for him to grow up. His mom Brittany had the pleasure this time.

There you go! All growed up. TeeHee

Bastain acknowledges his daughter's accomplishments. Both of them would be leaving for Uni soon.

Looks like Braidy will be a go getter too!

And this is where we leave the Bachs for this round. Here you see Bastain and Brittany making future plans. See ya next time!

PS - I redid the whole downstairs in Glamour Life furniture and wallpapers, plus I moved a coupla walls. I decided this family with almost a million in cash and assets needed to look like they have money. Someone else, who is so inclined can do the upstairs. ;)


Bubbs said...

Leia, the nude manager, lol.

Look, my girl made an appearance! It's nice to see her buying food. Maybe I will convince her to visit more. Wait...what is the secret deal? Is she gonna be nude now also???

Joe was one of my 'ninjas'.

Woo-hoo! The Morelli nose is back! YEAH!!! Can't wait to see how big it gets, lmao.

Cait said...

Can't believe Brittany had enough time left that she's pregnant AGAIN. That IS a maternity outfit there at the end, right? LOL

Cait said...

Congrats on getting Bastian's lifetime want! What'll you do with all those businesses?

I saw Brittany eating that cheesecake at the Skywalker house. I forgot that you were going to have to play them. LOL

ASimWen said...

Lynn - Oh so that is where Joe came from. Hehehe He looks mighty sexy in a fig leaf. Oh yes, Lynn SimSelf is wearing the same uniform Leia is. I was happy to see the nose back too on Barrymore.

Cait. One word... E-L-I-X-I-R *whistling innocently*

And...yes...Bastain still owns the businsses, but they are not bringing in much money because after he got his LTW, he didn't go back to work. He checks in everyday but the amounts they are bringing in is small.

Rachel said...

Boy I sure do like to give my hard earned money to the Bach family. I'm surprised I wasn't at the venue playing instruments, oh wait, maybe I was, but you were sleeping! You're crazy.
I'm so glad you got the 5 top businesses, I'm not a fan of playing them.
The Morrelli nose was finally passed down.