Saturday, October 14, 2006

Round 7: University

Round 7: University

Ok don't ya'll faint on me now. There are 15 kids in University now. I know you have been reading the blog this round, so you know some of the teens had loves, and began going steady. My heart just could not let them break up. :)

Let's start with the ones that were already here when I got the hood. That would be Tressie Tellerman, and cousins Ian and Mario Morelli.

Man. Mario Morelli has a pair of ears on him. He is a fortune sim with a want of 5 Top Level businesses. My thought was to get him started on that, but I did not. Bastain wore me out. lol SO I just let him write novels to get his wants.

Mario the Novelist. Mario has 4 more semesters to go before graduation.

Ian Morelli is pretty handsome, and is a Knowledge Sim. Does he remind you of a So-And-So in Prosperity Falls? He has 4 more semesters to go.

This is Romance Sim Tressie Tellerman with the 'engaged' symbol above her head. HUH? A Romance Sim and a Knoweldge Sim engaged? Incredible I know. They had two bolts. But to even things out, Tressie is now a Knowledge Sim, but there are still only two bolts. She has three more semesters to go.

Now for the Noobies.

Joe Morelli and Jack Jonas

Kate Bach

Shannon Bach

Locke Bach

Stephanie Morelli

Now for the house where the hood kids live with their intendeds.

Amadalla Tellerman and....

Alvin Futa

Beju Skywalker and...

Meadow Thayer

Ood Bnar Skywalker and....

Former newspaper delivery girl Amy Jones

Ya'll have fun now, ya hear?

Round 7: Jonas

Round 7: Jonas

Hello once again. I am almost done with the hood for my round. I have had loads of fun with all the families like I did the first time I played them. It is so much fun seeing what you guys do with them after my turn. :) Therefore, I take no responsiblity for the actions of the Sims in the Jonas house. They have a mind of their own, you know. I know you all will have fun seeing what they did during their time with me. So without further ado.

I open the lot, and expeirence a bit of nausea coming from Lexi. Well, yeah...I did know she was pregnant. She constantly showed up on other lots in the hood barfing. But I just didn't know with who's baby. We were left with that cliffhanger. lol Who's da daddy? lolol But it doesn't matter. As you can see, Myrin finds his wife to be beautiful in pregnancy.

It didn't take much time for the pregnancy to make itself known. Oh what is that I see? An evil kite hanging on the wall? There were two of them on the lot. Hm.

Do you all know what happens with these things? Myrin grabbed it off the wall that night and went kite flying. Well. Nothing happened. Myrin tried several times to get it to fly and it just fluttered to the ground. No biggie.

Lexi tells Moonchild all about the new family member being added to the family.

OUCH! Here Lexi gets the daylights slapped out of her right in front of her husband Myrin. Parker is upset. He witnessed Lexi kissing Myrin, just a couple of days after they had had a dream date that resulted in her 'delicate condition.' Like, he really has a right to do that. Yeah.

Myrin is so upset finding out his wife was unfaithful to him, he goes outside to take solace in the quiet summer sky with a kite.


Myrin's needs were full, so I didn't worry about this. Little did I know that
this could happen after a lightening strike....

Fire. Of course. No one else is home except for pregnant Lexi, who is in bed sleeping. I quickly click the phone for her to dial out an emergency. After all, no fire alarm outside.

Myrin burns for a few more seconds before I realize I didn't click for Lexi to get out of bed. I got a clue when the firetruck didn't come, and quickly got her out of bed. But I was too late.

Buh-Bye Myrin. It was good knowin' ya.

What I found truley amazing was Lexi's reaction to all this. She didn't cry while Grim was doing his job. She merely bent down and started cleaning up the mess Myrin's ashes left. Yeah. Whilst thinking about her dislike of the mailman at the same time.

Then she pays bills. The woman did not, and has not at all grieved for her husband. It is as if he never existed. She was not upset at all. I was so dumfounded by this I didn't even think about having her beg for his life. So much for Myrin.

Ah well. In the mean time, Moonchild and Parker's last child, Devon grows up. He wants to go to bed right away. He is tired.

I want to mention something here. I think Parker is a Family Sim in disguise. He always came running when the kids needed something.

See? Constantly was playing with Devon or reading him stories. Well. He was mad at Lexi for kissing her husband, and then he was mad at Moonchild 'cuz apparently he caught her cheating at Bastian's open venue. So his attention was turned to the kids. Yeah. But as time went on, he and Moonchild made up without my help. I guess they were really meant to be together.

Awww. It started with chaste little kisses like this.

Ah. Here is Jack. I don't have many pictures of him because he is a Knowledge Sim, and all he did was skill. But he did stay in plat the whole week. Very good. He has all but 4 skills to max out. He will be leaving for Uni.

Look what the hussy is doing. Exaclty 24 hours after her husband died, she is flirting with notorius womanizer Abhijeet. Now she is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one.

Finally the day came when Ivey was born. A pretty girl. Of course I immediatley clicked Lexi's family tree to see who the daddy of Ivey is. Parker. So poor Myrin didn't have any descendants.

She looks alot like her mother but she has bright green eyes and brown hair.

Parker loved taking care of her. He would make a beeline for her when she started crying, and Lexi would continue playing piano or what ever held her attention at the time. Witch.

Lexi tried to make up with him, but he really wasn't interested in talking to her. but he didn't hold that against Ivey.

Moonchild stepped right up to the plate in support of Parker and Ivey. In fact, Moonchild insisted that Ivey's crib be in the room with her and Paker. Lexi was relieved of the responsiblity. She is nothing but a playgirl.

At any rate. Here is Jore Morelli spreading more destruction around the neighborhood. Lexi did manage to clean this up.

Devon starts bringing home kids on the bus with him. Here Barrymore Bach visits.

Here is his twin, Braidy.

Awww by this time Parker and Moonchild are acting like nothing at all has happened between them. Little Ivey brought them back together.

Lexi has done a couple of things right. She helped Ivey have her birthday. Isn't she a cutie-patooty?

And she brought some big simoleons to the house! Yeah!

And to end this turn with the Jonas Family:

Parker: Moonchild, is it incredible all the cheating that has been going on in the hood lately? I mean, I heard that Elizabeth and Cloudy Skywalker was havin' trouble. Then there is that ho Lexi. She nearly broke you and me up. Then there was....

Moonchild: Oh Parker I know! There is so much cheatin' goin' on, and so many bastard children in this neighborhood they could make a movie!





Didn't see Madalyn's ghost.


Abhijeet and Lexi chattin' in the graveyard

Grim reaping Myrin