Thursday, September 21, 2006

University - Round 6

Here is a picture of the 6 University Graduates this round. Their portraits are hanging in the hallway of the greek house.

Shada Tellerman, Mara Tellerman, Falkor Bach, Anakin Skywalker, Elizabeth Morreli, and Kalan Tellerman

Falkor & Elizabeth on their dream date.

Elizabeth joins the Secret Society

Shada introduced Cloudy to Elizabeth. Cloudy was on the lookout for a wife, since his two loves are both married to someone else.

Falkor catches Elizabeth on a date with Cloudy. He's got hearts for her even while he's stomping his foot and yelling at her.

Cloudy Skywalker and Elizabeth Morreli fall in love.Falkor and Mara fall in love.Mara and Falkor become engaged.

This guest never left. She fell asleep in her plate...stinky food...stinky sim.

Myrin Jonas stayed and played guitar for three semesters. He had over $3k in tips when he finally left.

Kalan and Mara look on as Shada attempts to repair a computer.

Graduation time for Falkor!

Looks like Kalan invited the very pregnant Tiny Bach-Morreli to his graduation party.

Yes, pregnant ladies DO enjoy a nice backrub.


ASimWen said...

Falkor and Cloudy??? I have Cloudy and Bastian scrapin' all the time. lolol

Rachel said...

LOL Myrin made over $3K playing the guitar. THat's great money! Thank goodness Shada made it through the electrocution.

Bubbs said...

his two loves are both married to someone else. Poor Cloudy :(

Wow - 3000 in tips? Way to go!

Why does Kalan have Tiny over???

ruby said...

Wait, wait .. isn't Tiny married to Ranger? Kalan get your hands off that woman!