Friday, September 22, 2006

Tellerman - Round 6

This family consisted in the beginning of Sarah Tellerman, Cloudy Skywalker, Leia Skywalker and Amadalia Skywalker.

Net Worth: $313,552
Leia Skywalker
Cloudy Skywalker & Elizabeth Morreli Skywalker
Kalan Tellerman
Mara Tellerman
Shada Tellerman
Anakin Skywalker
Amadalia Skywalker
Because this household started out with the fewest Sims, it's where all of the college students were dumped when they graduated.
We start out with Sarah as an elder, wanting to make it to the top of the athletic career.
Looks like she made it.
And, she took some time to get a new love interest as well.
Sarah was able to purchase Cafe and set up a bakery.
Cloudy and Elizabeth were married in a small ceremony after Elizabeth came home from graduation. (Note: I had the same wedding problem that was present with Komei and Sarah. They kept jumping out of the wedding sequence and I finally had to boolprop them. This is definitely a problem once the sims are on this lot. Not sure if it's after they first try to marry. I moved them to another lot and they couldn't marry there either.)
With max skill in cooking, you'd think that Sarah would be an excellent cook. Unfortunately, she kept setting herself on fire at home.
It wasn't long after this that Grim came to visit:
Looks like everyone is going to be getting a nice inheritance. Sarah willed Cafe Petit to her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth.
Leia wants to marry a rich sim and Amadalia is set to go off to college.


ASimWen said...

It was time for Sarah to go! Get outta here by golly! lol

Rachel said...

Poor Sarah. Thsoe fires are mighty tramatic.

Bubbs said...

I wonder if this family should move? The lot seems bad. Poor Sarah, I'll miss her.

ruby said...

Poor Sarah, poor poor Sarah. wait, thats a line from the land before time...
It was her time to go, just glad she got her LTW first! Nice parting gifts for the living!