Monday, September 18, 2006

Skywalker - Round 6

The Skywalker Family
Net worth: $148,998
Luke Skywalker & Claire Morreli Skywalker
Atreyu Bach Skywalker & Stormy Skywalker
Beju, Ood Bnar, Jango & Argon
We open this lot to discover that Stormy is once again pregnant. She and Atreyu are totally in love and spontaneously make out constantly. The teen gets sent off to college to make room for Claire, who will shortly be joining the family.

"Wow, this is so sudden...we were just engaged two minutes ago."

As mentioned previously, Claire Morreli and Luke Skywalker were married in a quickie wedding. They were actually married at this lot and had a nice wedding party. There was even a fistfight, which no one seemed to mind.

Madelyn & Moonchild...tension in the household?

Baby time. Looks like it's another boy for Stormy & Atreyu. We call him Argon. Once you get to the fourth child, you just don't bother with those pesky baby pictures.
Hmmm...what's this? Someone seems to have been abducted. Everyone appears to be distressed. Even Meadow Thayer stops by to check out the abduction.
Is no one happy about this event?
Ahh,'s OodBnar the knowledge sim. He needed a logic point to get a promotion at work, and managed to get himself a bonus scholarship for college in the process.
Argon grows up as his big brother Jango watches.


Bubbs said...

An abduction? Too Cool! I can't wait to see this group again. :) I hope you left 'treats' for Wen.... Hmm, did I leave her pregnant??? Maybe I

Cait said...

LOL, yes you left her pregnant. I can't seem to stop with the "try for baby" button either. Thank goodness they are getting into their elder years. I tried to stop myself.....

ASimWen said...

It seems the only one that was happy about the abduction was Ood Bnar! Kewlies for him! A preggers Stormy, why does that not surprise me. That is a nice present tho!

Rachel said...

"There was even a fistfight, which no one seemed to mind." Very funny. I wonder why Madelyn and Moonchild would be fighting?
Yippe Ood Bnar got abducted!

Bubbs said...

LOL - just noticed the fight part. Um, partly my fault on fights...lmao

ruby said...

Nice knees on Ood Bnar, sexy
I love abductions woohoo!