Sunday, September 17, 2006

Morreli - Round 6

The Morreli Household
Net Worth: $145,432
Ranger Morreli, Tiny Bach-Morreli, Lando Skywalker, Catalin Day-Skywalker, Joe Morreli & Stephanie Morreli

Ranger has finally gotten over his grief at losing not one, but two wives. He looks around and notices that Tiny Bach seems to be a fixture at their house. In fact, she is sitting in the hot tub when we first open the lot. Ranger's not getting any younger, and decides to take a chance.

Tiny seems receptive to Ranger's advances and things progress nicely.

VERY, nicely.

Although Tiny is a knowledge sim, she doesn't mind that she's marrying a rich man. I think she secretly just wanted to get away from her brother's house and start a life of her own. It was time.

A little dance at the wedding. Looks like someone's in love.

And it appears that poor Claire is wishing for a wedding of her own. She has a long-term want to celebrate a golden anniversary, and here she is unwed.

What have we here? A widower? Luke Skywalker is unattached and Claire sets her sites on him. He's as old as her father, but she's beyond her childbearing years herself, and just wants a good man to settle down with.

A quick trip to Simvegas and the deed is done. Claire moves in with the Skywalker household.

In the meantime, Lando Skywalker is planning his own wedding. He is engaged to Catalin Day. At first the household was very crowded. But, after Claire married Luke and moved out, and a few of the kids went off to college, he was able to have the wedding party he'd been wishing for.

Hmmm...looks like someone has to go to work right in the middle of a wedding. Hope it's not the bride or groom.

Despite his busy schedule, Lando still manages to achieve his long-term goal of becoming Captain Hero. Looks like another perma-plat sim in the family. Tiny and Ranger have both already earned theirs.

Poor Joe is harboring a grudge against his mama. Could it be because she didn't marry his father Cloudy? Sorry, Joe...your daddy appears to be enamored with your aunt Elizabeth....much to the disappointment of your other aunt Brittany.

We leave this lot with a bit of double woohoo. It appears that both sets of newlyweds forgot to use protection at the exact same time. What is that? An echo of a lullaby?


ASimWen said...

Heheheh Echo that! And Joe is upset about his mom and dad. How true!

Rachel said...

Poor Joe, his parents didn't get together. What a little soap opera I started. Yippee and Caitynn and Lando got hitched!!! I had hoped you had approved.

Bubbs said...

LOL - this is great! I bet Wen had fun with this house and the duel lullabys...hehehe

ruby said...

too funny echo of a lullaby! Ranger is too sexy not to have more kids
oh man, that Cloudy is a hussy