Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jonas - Round 6

Net Worth: $157,798
Parker Jonas & Moonchild Bach Jonas
Myrin Jonas & Lexi Skywalker Jonas
Jack and Devon
Lexi has achieved her LTW of becoming a celebrity Chef. She now wants to woohoo with 20 different sims. Unfortunately, Myrin might have something to say about that.
She stops to talk to a visitor. Catalin Day Skywalker appears to be gaining weight.
Is that Parker leaving flowers after a dream date?
Looks like the family has acquired one of those rare cowplants. Someone was pretty hungry and paid the price for it.
When we last left the Jonas household, Madelyn had been turned into a zombie. She still had that "eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches" want. She managed to fullfill that want and immediately decided she needed a piece of cake to celebrate.
Unfortunately, the photographer was absent that day, but here is a photo of her ghost haunting the house.
Moonchild, why are you glowing?
Oh.....now we know. You have that "pregnant glow." Looks like the Jonas family is expanding.
Welcome Devon Jonas....wow, you sure grew up quickly. Already transitioned into a toddler, and dad was there to help.

Daddy Parker teaches Devon how to talk while mom Moonchild paints a masterpiece. Apparently the glow isn't wearing off of either of them.

Somewhere in the week, Moonchild managed to become a mad scientist, Parker became Chief of Staff and Myrin is close to reaching the top of the athletic career.

Parker runs into Lexi in town one evening. They've been living under the same roof for quite some time. "Say, Parker, would you like to have some dinner together while we are both out?"

Oh, ohhhhhh...................!

Looks like "dinner" was a bit more than Parker anticipated. Things may get a bit awkard at the Jonas house now.


ASimWen said...

Woah! Thanks for the story! Hehehe sounds like a real love triangle goin' there! heheheh Can't wait to play this lot!

ASimWen said...

PS - That makes me wonder who Lexi is pregnant by....lolol

Rachel said...

Poor Madelyn got eaten and had to die AGAIN!

Oh no Parker and Myrin are in love with the SAME woman! Eekk!!!!!!!!!

Bubbs said...

"pregnant glow" - lol Oops, was this lot pregnant also?

Hmm, Madelyn had to die again. How about a third time??? She can return!!!!

Parker and Lexi??? Cait, are we sure this is you? This has a Rachel ring to it...

Can't wait to see what Wen does here...

ruby said...

Hubba hubba Lexi, you go girl
So 200 grilled cheese wasn't enough, she just HAD to have some cake to top it off LOL