Saturday, September 30, 2006

Round 7: The Morellis

Round 7: The Morellis

Here we are in round 7 of this venture of this shared hood. I have never been so entertained by the Sims in a long time as I was with this family. I didn't do one of the usual things. I did not get a Sim pregnant. Eh? Well, Tiny Bach-Morelli already came to me preggers as did Caitilan Sim-Self Skywalker. So that chore was out of the way for me. What else was in store? *smile* Well, nuttin' I couldn't handle.

First of all, I found two sets of stairs placed in the house that led to nowhere. Heh. I found energizer machines all over the place. I found stuffed backpacks. Check this out.

Yeah. Ranger was really carryin' a load in there. GAD! 4 fountains! hehehe They were immediately sold for cash. Ok. Let's get on with my week with the Morellis.

Joe turned out to be quite a character. I didn't realize he was not a part of this family. He starts out his Monday morning crashing the elevator in his haste to get to the school bus. There were some events that occured at the end of the week that caused me to look at his family tree because of his behavior. You will see.

Now, Joe rolled immediate wants to sneak out with his friend Jack Jonas. I thought, ok, why not. This was Monday night. Now mind you I am on a sharp lookout for the two women because they are both obviously on their second bump. So I knew they would pop any minute. Anyhow, about an hour after Joe leaves on his sneak out, here comes the cop. Yeah.

Joe got caught sneakin' out. At the time I wondered why Ranger didn't get upset about this. Why didn't the cop march right up to him and tell him what a bad parent he was being? Ranger was complacently painting. I didn't catch on.

Well no matter. Joe gets some shut eye before it was time to get up to go to school in the morning. It was Tuesday morning as Caitalin was cooking pancackes she goes into labor. (of course, right in the middle of cooking).

My first thought was GET SOMEBODY ON THE PANCAKES!!!! Stephanie came to the rescue. What a good girl. Caitalin and Lando name their new baby girl Salla, after some Star Wars character. Yes, I visited a website to get the name. She has her daddy's skintone.

No sooner did Caitalin finish the baby's first bottle when Tiny went into labor with she and Ranger's child. That's another thing. Ranger is turning out to be quite the ladies' man with alla these wives he has had.

Another girl. Her name is Mariabella. ??? Where/why did I chose that name. I wanted to keep up with the Italian sounding names. Yeah. I got it from some website.

Without thinkin, I sent Caitalin to the energizer after giving way! Oh that is right. She isn't perm plat like the rest of the adults in the house. Okaaaaay. Looks like there might be a life to save.

Lando runs to her side immediatly at the ready to beg for her life.

He is focused on the job at hand! Where is Grim? He is ready!

Caitalin eats to a full belly.

She engages in fun and exciting activites to get her in a good mood.

She gets a nice long realxing sleep to shake off the effects of the bad energizer ride.

A luxurious shower is in order.

And finally, she is her old self again. The process took her 24 Sim hours to recover.

Ranger is likin' this bein' a daddy again business. He finds Mariabella completely engaging.

He takes it upon himself to train Joe in the finer arts of furniture identification.

And despite all the different wives he's had since moving to Viosinage Partagé, he pays homage to his first. Yeah. It isn't like he never sees her anymore.

Soon it was time for the babies to grow up. Again, Ranger was there.

Lando was there as well. He helped Ranger's kid, and Ranger helped his kid grow to toddler. Heh.

I guess there was some kind of chemistry goin' on between Caitalin and Ranger I wasn't aware of. I was lookin' at the party downstairs when I heard that sound the game makes when somebody is caught cheating. ???? I zoom around the house looking for the broken rings. Ah. Everyone is crowded in the upstairs bathroom (not unusual for Sims) and Lando and Caitalin are lookin' like they are gonna have words. The only thing I could figger out is Caitalin must have kissed Ranger.


So much for parties. Tiny did not seem to notice that Ranger was smoochin' around. Here she takes turns with Ranger giving Joe the lessons of life. She is an expert at the delicate are of nibbling pop-tarts. Knowledge that every Sim must have, to be sure.

Lando gets promoted. I figured this lot could use a Reaper phone.

Caitalin wants to be a Captian Hero. (not like this lot has never had one. I found two of the fingerprint scanners here). But *sigh* I figured I'd help her along the way. Here she works on the ol' bod. Needs to be aerodynamic for all that flyin' around.

Yes, yes, the Morellis got their share of visitors, to be sure.

Once again, Ranger shows off his artistic abilities.

Tiny converts to the 'Dark Side'.

Lando is havin' trouble gettin' over his wife cheating.

Salla grows up and aspires to be like Stephanie, Chef Extraodinaire.

Mariabella grows up too, in a shirt that has a pic of a flower on it that matches her hair. This is Sunday night. The wierd thing happened with Joe that caused me to check his family tree. Look at this.

I hear him yellin'. So I go lookin'. He is shakin' Connie's urn in the bedroom. (She is haunting). I have never seen a Sim do this on their own. I was intrigued. I checked his needs. Full. He was in gold.

He heaves the urn up high over his head....

**BAM!!!** Down he throws it to the floor.

I was laughing about this....I go to see what the rest of the family is doing when I hear him screaming again.

He is out back stompin' on the graves of ASimWen (Ranger's second wife) and Ron Sim-Self, Claire Morelli's first husband.

I am thinking...what odd behavior. Oh wait. He is a family Sim. Why would a family Sim desecrate graves? Quick.... Check out the family tree! Of course. He is not living with his family. Just Stephanie his sister and he doesn't pay her any mind. That is when I decided.

Tiny calls up Joe's daddy to come over. He settled down.

Ah, here is a pic of Stephanie yakkin'. She is POP with a want for 20 Best Friends. Got to work on that.

My visit with the Morelli's end with Lando, Caitalin and their daughter Salla moving out. Yeah.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tellerman - Round 6

This family consisted in the beginning of Sarah Tellerman, Cloudy Skywalker, Leia Skywalker and Amadalia Skywalker.

Net Worth: $313,552
Leia Skywalker
Cloudy Skywalker & Elizabeth Morreli Skywalker
Kalan Tellerman
Mara Tellerman
Shada Tellerman
Anakin Skywalker
Amadalia Skywalker
Because this household started out with the fewest Sims, it's where all of the college students were dumped when they graduated.
We start out with Sarah as an elder, wanting to make it to the top of the athletic career.
Looks like she made it.
And, she took some time to get a new love interest as well.
Sarah was able to purchase Cafe and set up a bakery.
Cloudy and Elizabeth were married in a small ceremony after Elizabeth came home from graduation. (Note: I had the same wedding problem that was present with Komei and Sarah. They kept jumping out of the wedding sequence and I finally had to boolprop them. This is definitely a problem once the sims are on this lot. Not sure if it's after they first try to marry. I moved them to another lot and they couldn't marry there either.)
With max skill in cooking, you'd think that Sarah would be an excellent cook. Unfortunately, she kept setting herself on fire at home.
It wasn't long after this that Grim came to visit:
Looks like everyone is going to be getting a nice inheritance. Sarah willed Cafe Petit to her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth.
Leia wants to marry a rich sim and Amadalia is set to go off to college.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

University - Round 6

Here is a picture of the 6 University Graduates this round. Their portraits are hanging in the hallway of the greek house.

Shada Tellerman, Mara Tellerman, Falkor Bach, Anakin Skywalker, Elizabeth Morreli, and Kalan Tellerman

Falkor & Elizabeth on their dream date.

Elizabeth joins the Secret Society

Shada introduced Cloudy to Elizabeth. Cloudy was on the lookout for a wife, since his two loves are both married to someone else.

Falkor catches Elizabeth on a date with Cloudy. He's got hearts for her even while he's stomping his foot and yelling at her.

Cloudy Skywalker and Elizabeth Morreli fall in love.Falkor and Mara fall in love.Mara and Falkor become engaged.

This guest never left. She fell asleep in her plate...stinky food...stinky sim.

Myrin Jonas stayed and played guitar for three semesters. He had over $3k in tips when he finally left.

Kalan and Mara look on as Shada attempts to repair a computer.

Graduation time for Falkor!

Looks like Kalan invited the very pregnant Tiny Bach-Morreli to his graduation party.

Yes, pregnant ladies DO enjoy a nice backrub.