Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tellerman -Round 5

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Shada, daddy was almost electrocuted but we can only think of you.

That's because I am popular. Look, it's one of those Morelli boys! Ian and Joe seem to love to come around here. Maybe our younger half sisters are their potential mates.
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ARRGH!! My stomach hurts!! What is going on? Where are these lights from?

You'll be fine, you just don't understand since you are a CAS sim. This is what aging is like, ask your kids.
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Oh, that was painful! At least now I am a elder. I didn't grow up great, but at least I grew up ok. I could have been worse....

Yep, but I have a few surprises for you. Did you see Madalyn Jonas?
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Amadalla here, I should be the Queen! Queen Amadalla has a better ring to it, don't you think? I finally grew up! I can go to school with my siblings. YEAH!

I don't know about your plans, I only get you for a few days. You need to convince Cait and Wen you are a queen. I have nothing to do with that part.
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My baby grew up into a child! Time to celebrate! I like to celebrate with scissors! Running with scissors, running with scissors!

Not a good idea, Komei, not a good idea...
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Why didn't you listen to me Komei? Now I have to set everyone back to task again! They had to stop what they were doing to come see the reaper man.
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Sigh, my Komei is gone. Why didn't you stop him? You could have. Who will service me now?

Stop him? Why would I stop him? I got the result I wanted. Komei was not meant to be... there are other sims in the hood Sarah.
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You rub the genie vase and the genie pops out and asks you a question. It was so cool, if you guessed correct, you could change your personality some.

Mara, enough about your Sims 1 genie, he is not here. Shouldn't you stop hanging out with the headmaster? He needs to award you your final points so you can get into private school!
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Why didn't she stop talking? Why? Why must we clean the house again for the headmaster? MARA destroyed our visit!

Yep, it is all Mara's fault. Don't forget, Tressie ate that plate of food halfway that the headmaster ate on, that didn't help.
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Time for haircuts, we look like twins again. :)

That you are, red hair and black haired ones. You know that is what I call you...twin red and twin black. NO talking, Uni is coming, get some skills!
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Yeah! I am now a teen! I can DATE! Can I woo-hoo yet?

Not yet Tressie, I will try and get you some adult friends. I want you to get that LTW of 20 lovers. I see no reason to start lovers yet...
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See Kalan there? He is at one of the telescopes. I think he is the middle one...he does exist, just no pictures of him, oops! He does have a couple of love interests too, but again no pictures.
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Not nice Sarah, she has enough going on with the Jonas family and you are stealing her skills?
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Daddy!! I am trying to have a date! Look at Tressie on the phone or Sarah at the mirror, go get them. Why me??

Sorry about that Mara, your dad is out of my control. He must like you. Don't let Alvin leave, you need this dream date, your aspiration depends on it!
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The house at the end.


Anonymous said...

Wow, really stirring things up for me. It's been so long since I had the family, I don't know half ot he players any more. Guess I'll figure it out soon. :)

Alexis said...

I love that house! Hehe, poor Komei. Didn't his mother ever tell him not to run with scissors? I loved the part about Amadalla saying she should be Queen too--I wonder if she will convince the others of that? Great update!

ASimWen said...

Woohoo big house! Looks great. :)

Rachel said...

YOu're just killing sims left and right aren't you Lynn? Komeii never was too bright though, got what was coming to him for tormenting so many sims in so many games.

ruby said...

Woot running with scissors! Die Komei, die! I can't stand that man.. er sim.