Saturday, August 19, 2006

Jonas - Round 5

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Don't you think I look healthy here? So do I...sigh..maybe I was eating too many grilled cheese or something. Oh, you don't know what I am referring to, do you? mmmmmmm, where do I begin?
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Here is my grandson, Parker. He has returned to live with me and started his family. Parker has always been around to help out the family.
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This is Parker's wife, Moonchild. They dated in high school, but I hear they both had other friends also. Did you hear Parker was mad at his son, Faulkor, for dating his 'other' high school girlfriend, Amy Jones? You would have thought he was over that.
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My little great grandson, Jack the string cheese, he grew into a cute child. The headmaster was visiting at the time, Parker wanted both boys in. I even made grilled cheese for the headmaster, oh the aspiration joys!
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Parker, my velvetta, spent his time paiting pictures. He said there is a woman he has his eyes on. She thinks she is a diva or something. All I know is she never eats my grilled cheese!
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WHAT? Yes, something happened in the kitchen and the next thing I knew, Moonchild was standing in front of me. I think all that cheese clogged me up or something. She could have spent more money, but she wondered what would happen if she didn't.
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Here is my main cheese counter. It isn't too clean, but I am undead now and clean doesn't matter. My only thoughts are of grilled cheese ot brains.....mmmmmmmmm
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Swiss cheese teachs string cheese the mechanics of life.
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Jack the string cheese doesn't like me too much. When he eats with me, he says he wants to throw up. Joe Morelli and the maid joined us today at our daily meal.
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Brandon came back to teach Jack a lesson of insulting me. You know I tried to get him to the cheese side of life? He wasn't interested at all.
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Editor's Note: I finished this family and had a brain fart, I said no on the save option instead of yes. So some things have also happened, that are not being spoken of either. I started back over on Wednesday afternoon, GRRRR!!!
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Here is our house near the end. I can't say at the end, because, well this was taken early on. You get the idea. We have a nice pool in the back with a pond.

Will Madelyn finish her grilled cheese want? Will Parker stay faithful to Moonchild? Will Faulkor get the diva? Will Moonchild EVER get her LTW? I don't know, lolol!


Anonymous said...

Gah...a zombie. I've never played one of those.

That Parker....i was hoping he'd been switched from a romance sim. LOL Cait

Bubbs said...

Hee hee. That's the idea, to play something new and different, right? She isn't that bad, just feed her grilled cheese and she should get her LTW, lol. She has less than 50 to go. :)

I think Parker isn't romance anymore. He is fortune, I believe. He has LTW - YEAH!!!

ASimWen said...

There was a couple of 'em I changed in Uni...maybe Parker was on of 'em??? Heheheh have fun Cait... :) zombies are different. Me and Lynn played one back and forth in PAS.

Rachel said...

Oh my poor Madalyn is a zombie now, I'm definately not telling the person she was named after now. Parker is Fortune, I believe his LTW is to become a hall of famer. I was glad to see Wen had changed him. I liked how you carried over the cheese references. Falkor is actually the one painting and thinking about the diva. Hum, will he be matched up with his friend in the end? Oh and was the crush between adult and teen problem still there when you played them? HUm I actually didn't leave any surprises in this house, how rare of me.

SpongebobTanu said...