Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Jonas Family, Round 4

The Jonas Family, Round 4
by Rachel

*In a very thick midwestern accent* Hi dare folks! I'm Madalyn Jonas. Let me tell you bout my family. My family did move here awhile ago now from Wisconsin. Yeah, da dairy state and da home of the Green Bay Cheeseheads, or Packers I mean.
Dis here is my grandson, Parker. When he was in high school he was all bout da romance. He just got back from college and now he cares bout money more. Yeah dat's good, he wants to be da big cheese of da athletic world.
Dis is his main cheez-wiz, I mean squeeze, Moonchild Bach.

And dis little slice of Veletta is my great-grandson, Falkor. He's Parker and Moonchild's son. Dey had him while dey were in high school. Moonchild's sister, Tiny, raised him until dey got back.

I want my family to be big and strong, so I feed them grilled cheese sandwiches morning, noon and night. Lots of calcium ya know!

Not everyone around here is so excited about grilled cheese. Dis here is one of da neighbors, Luke Skywalker. He is from a galaxy far, far away, not from Wisconsin.

Well Parker did gone and asked his cheez-wiz Moonchild to be his wife. And she said yes. I like her. Her hair is the color of cheese like our's.

With da wedding coming up I wanted to lose some weight to fit into a nice dress. Dose dare grilled cheese sandwiches sure do go right to da butt.

Dem kids did get married right away. Dey invited a bunch of people over for da party. Moonchild decided to change her hair for da event.

Here's a better look at Moonchild's do. She changed it back after da wedding, so I wanted you all to see.
I helped out with the catoring and made all the guests my famous grilled cheese.

Da party was a big success and da kids headed off for dare honeymoon.

Ope dis doesn't look good. One of them kids must of eaten sumptin bad on dar honeymoon.
Ope, guess not. Moonchild was just expecting.

Yep, I do spend a lot of time with my little Velvetta, Falkor. Wit da new little one on da way, I don't want him to think we'll forget bout him.

My sister Maggie, done passed awhile back. She came round n scared poor pregnant Mooonchild.

Pretty soon it was time for the newest little cheese curb to be born.

Meet little Jack Jonas. Yep, his hair is the color of cheese too.

Den soon it was time for Falkor's birhday.

What a handsome young man my Veletta has become. He likes da money too.

My little cheese curd had a birthday right after.

Sweet little Jack. Not too much longer, he'll be eaten da grilled cheese too.

Falkor asked me bout snow. He can't believe dat places get dat cold and dares white, wet stuff dat stays on the ground. I told him about da time dare was so much snow dat it was over my head when I was just a little slice of Veletta and when I went to a Cheesehead's game and my fingers and toes were so cold, I thought dey were gonna fall off. I sure do hope it will snow here some day, so Falkor can know too.

Who is dat, dat keeps knocking over our garbage?

It isn't da diva. She's friends with Parker.

It isn't my friend Travis, aldough he does smell like moldy cheese.

It isn't da ghost of Brandon, although he probably would if he weren't dead.

What's dis now!?!? Why's Parker slapping Falkor and thinking bout being cheated on? Dey can't be in love da same sim.
Why it's dat Amy Jones, da paper girl and Parker's high school girlfriend. I just don't understand, she's just a teenager. How can Parker be mad at Falkor for flirting with another teenager? And dat little dorito is the one dat keeps knocking over da can.

Well dat's it for now. Hopefully someone can get dis figured out before you come back next time.

That concludes my turn in the neighborhood. It has been fun and interesting. I can't wait to see what Lynn does. Amy Jones got very upset when Parker and Moonchild WooHooed on their honeymoon. For some reason Amy and Parker are still in love with each other altough she is a teen and he's an adult. I really didn't mean too, but now Parker is furious with Falkor, as is Jack. Apparently he isn't happy because his brother flirted with his father's love who isn't even his mother. Hum, interesting.


ASimWen said...

OMG....I couldn't quit laughing. Little Velveeta...hehehehe and LOL about Parker-n-Amy Jones....hehehe what a soap opera. Too funny. You rival me! hehehehe

Bubbs said...

Omg - all the cheese references lmao!!! I can't believe he is jealous of Amy, lol.

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