Friday, August 25, 2006

Bach - Round 5

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What a nice looking house, huh? This is the Bach house. Bastian lives here with his wife Brittany and their kids Locke, Kate & Shannon. Attached to the house is a nice little home business that is at level 10 and the money just flows in. This is not the same house that I built for Moonchild and her siblings. That is for sure.
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Bastian, how is it going? Is the Pennyless Corp doing well? I see it is up to a level 7 now. Good job.

Hush! I am learning how to use the register. I hired another employee to help restock the store. You see the Jedis, right? Luke saId he HAD to wear the Jedi outfit again before his time is up.

Is that what they are? I thought they were ninjas. Aren't you worried you may scare the visitors? {shakes head}
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No time to talk! I have to sell these groceries! These sims have NO food!

Alrighty, I am sure that these sims are hungry. They seem to buy an endless supply of food. How many times has Catalin been here?

What are you doing? Trying to get rid of my business? This is money for my kids! If the customers hear you they will stop coming and my kids will be without.

Have you looked at your bank account lately? Your family is not close to being broke at all!
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I'm Locke Bach! I am finally getting old enough to talk to you. Why is my mom sick? Did she eat something bad?

I suppose you could say she isn't sick like you think. This will pass quickly, I bet tomorrow she won't be sick again.

Not another sister.....please! I want a brother!!!
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What cute little girls. These are the twins, Kate and Shannon. Let's leave quietly so we don't disturb them. Shhhhh......
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Bastian, a gorilla suit? What type of store is this?

This is Robots, Inc, it is my future robot store....maybe. My favorite employee, from Pennyless Corp, Luke Skywalker is here chatting about his kids. He hopes to live to see them graduate Uni.
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I see why you were sick earlier.

Yep, I am having another baby! Babies are just adorable don't you know? I wants TONS of babies! Babies, babies, babies!

Um, that's funny. I don't think so. My worry right now is how many babies you have in there? Is it one or two? This is something I am not sure of. Rachel?? Did she have cheese cake? Rachel?? Grrr.....
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I am Kate! I am Shannon! We are the Bach twins!

Hey guys, Locke is the room! I am so excited to have playmates! Our parents are nuts! Dad is business, business, business! Mom is babies, babies, babies! UGGG....
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Hey Bastain, um buddy, you might want to exercise some. You are gaining some weight.

No need to exercise, HEY! You gave me a great idea. I can open a gym!
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Ian Morelli showed up at another house with the kids. This kid really gets around. He is friends with almost every kid in the hood. Not too bad considering he isn't in private school. I see a popular sim here {hint, hint Cait}
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Well, I was thinking about calling the reaper on my cool phone, who do you think it should be?

Um, do I know you? Oh you are the owner of this place. Why can't we come in your house? Why can't we eat with you? Your daughters grew up an we could only watch in the windows.

Aw yes, you see I want your money. Pay me to play poker at my house. Pay me to exercise here. We have the finest snapdragon places around. Pay me to stay on this side of the house. Just don't try to enter my house. We keep those doors locked for a reason.

You will unlock the door soon. You child (to be met later) will need these sims.
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BASTAIN!!! Why are you jumping on this visitor? Why are you attacking her? This can not be good for business.....
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Grandpa Joe Morelli came over to visit baby Matthew. Oops, there is no 'new baby pic'. I did not like the one I took.

Hey! How are you? I came to check out my new grandson, Matthew. Isn't he cute?
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Aww, time to say farewell to the girls. Next time I see you, you will be adults. Hope all goes well!

We have become the best of friends now. Don't get any ideas of us with those Morelli boys either. They are our COUSINS!!! Ewwww, grossss!!!
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Your one and only look at little Matthew! Look now before he is gone!
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Here is the house at the end of my turn.


Rachel said...

I love the "Jedi" costumes for employees, so funny!
The toddler blankets are cute, never seen those.
Nope no cheesecake, I just wanted you to think I fed her cheesecake. Muhaha. Grandpa Joe was there again, so sweet, he loves his grandbabies.

Anonymous said...

I like what you've done with the house. Can't remember Bastian's LTW. Must be to have 5 businesses.

ASimWen said...

Yup, it is to have 5 top level businesses. We are workin' on it. :)

ruby said...

I'm really enjoying the updates!
Rachel?? Did she have cheese cake? Rachel?? Grrr.....
Now that was way funny!