Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Tellerman's Round 4

The Tellerman's Round 4
by Rachel

Hi everybody. I'm like happy you all came to see us. I'm Mara Tellerman. In the last picture you saw of me, I had these like huge pigtails. So I decided that now that I'm um in high school I should have a little more grown up ahh hair do.

This is like my twin sister Shada. She wanteda new look for high school too. She ahh thought the new look might help her make more friends.

This is our dad, like that's what we call him, but really he's our mom. Anyway, I won't get into that. His name is Komei, he's coming home from work here. He wants to be Cheif of Staff SO badly, but it hasn't happened yet.

This is our little half brother Kalan and our step-mom Sarah. Kalan is Sarah and Dad's kid. Sarah's like REALLY nice and we all get along great. She's ahh always treated us like her own kids even though we're part alien.

For the last intro, this is our baby half-sister, Tressie. IT's ahh her birthday. *with sacrasism* Oh boy a baby's birthday party.

Yep, she's a toddler, yoopie. At least she does more than just sleep, eat and poop now. Now she crawls around and plays in the toilet. "Ahem" Sorry Sarah, back to the story.

This is Anakin Skywalker. He's Sarah's grandson (I actually forgot he was until I was writing this, so don't judge me, OK?) Can you believe Sarah like already has grandson just a few years younger than me and Shada? He's actually really cute and he isn't a blood relative or anything, his mom was from Sarah's first husband. Unfortunately Shada got his attention first and he's like the only decent boy in school.

Oh,... yeah I almost forgot, there's another poop-factory on the way. "Ahem" *Rolls eyes* Sorry Sarah....

So there were like seriously no decent boys at our school, so I ahh called up this old lady for a date.
She got me this Ricky kid. he's OK and all. We had a decent enough time. It was no dream date though. I'll ahh think about going out with him again.

So here we are aaagain at a tiny baby's birthday. Oh boy the little toilet-monster is growning up to a kid. "Aaaahem" Alright, SORRY.

Tressie is pretty cute, for a kid. Her red eyes like freak me out though.

So yeah it's another birthday. These were actually the same day. At least this kid can like blow out his own candles, it's a bit more fun.

This is Kalan. He'll be starting high school now. He should like really like it because like ALL he wants to do is learn. He wants to be Cheif of Staff one day too, just like dad.

SO yeah, Shada and Anakin like totally had a great date and now they're all in LOVE. Talk about rubbing it in. I haven't even heard from Ricky since our date.

OK, so I AM actually excited about this. Meet my new half-sister, Amadalla. She's pretty cute.

Yep, Anakin brought Shada flowers. *rolls eyes*

So like me and Ricky FINALLY went out again. He even like gave me my first kiss. It was nice.
OK, you have GOT to be kidding me ANOTHER freaking birthday!?!? "Mara, Sarah's already talked to you about this" I'm sorry Dad, but come on. How many birthdays can you have in one house in one week? "Keep moving young lady." Alright, Amadalla's birthday... She's cute....

Yeah so Ricky brought me roses too. He's nice and all, I don't know, we'll see. Shada and I will be going ot college soon and he doesn't know if he's going. I heard he's sorta a romancer.

That's it for the Tellerman's. Lots of birthdays, obviously. The views about kids expressed in this blog are those of the character and not mine. I actually went to a one year old's birthday party a couple weeks ago. Komeii and Sarah are both working towards their LTW. Komeii is a sugeon and Sarah is an Assistant Coach. Sarah is one day from elder (actually 11 hours) but is in the green. Lynn, you'll have to decide if you want her to have any more kids. Mara and Shada could go to college in your round or wait one more.


ASimWen said...

Ahhhh...ummm.... *rolling eyes* Erm. Very good. hehehehe love the teen 'tude Mara has goin' there. :) I love that Anakin has picked up on a love. Good choice.

Bubbs said...

Aww, I love how this family has changed! Hard to believe when I had them I was bringing Komei into the family. :) I also helped with his 'surprise' for Catalin. Great update!! I can't wait for my turn.

Anonymous said...

It'll be a whole new hood when I finally get to play. When I left, Kahlan and Anakin had just been born. They'll be adults next time I get them. :)

It's interesting how many kids Sarah had when she isn't even a family sim. Cait