Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tellerman - Round 2

Sarah was quite anxious to make her marriage offical, but for some reason she couldn't get it to "stick." She got wedding memories like crazy, but kept passing out during the ceremony and not completing it. She THOUGHT she was completing it, but she never did. She and Komei went so far as to move to another location to try to get married there. (FamilyFunds cheat was used to get their amount back to zero before moving them to the main lot again. I finally had to SimPE them).

When Sarah and Komei returned from the "honeymoon," Komei realized that he had caught a bug of some sort. He was quite sick...

and bloated.........thankfully he was able to wear his loose shirt that hid that beer gut he was getting.

He didn't let that stop him from realizing a dream. Komei had always wanted to be in the medical field, and figured THIS was the perfect reason for him to start. He quit his job as a Celebrity Chef and enrolled in medical school.

Cloudy grew into a teenager and decided that he'd really like to be popular. In fact, he figured that if he were popular enough, he could some day become a cult leader. His mother secretly hoped it was a phase he'd grow out of. She still recalled the Jim Jones thing....

Sarah had heard that having her children in the local Private School was the best for their education, so she invited the local headmaster, Terrell Wagner, to dinner. After they gave him a tour of the house and he ate the delicious meal prepared, he was putty in her hands.

Komei finally confessed to his doctor the symptoms he had been having. An ultrasound revealed that Komei (impossible as it sounded), was pregnant. It was then that Komei confessed that he had been abducted by an alien spaceship for "experiments." He had thought no one would believe him. Now there was proof. There was nothing for it but to let....uh....nature take its course?

How did the doctor fail to note that there were TWO babies? Komei gave birth to twin girls, Mara and Shada. They appeared, at first, to be regular simling babies. It wasn't long, though, before they took on a green tint which got darker as they got older. It was obvious that they were indeed of alien decent.

Doing the "having a baby" twirl by the mailbox. He had wanted to hand one baby to Sarah and followed her outside. However, she got into her awaiting carpool and left him to his own devices. There were promotions to be had, after all.

This was only a momentary lapse in Sarah's judgement. She was happy to help Komei with the twins after this. In fact, Komei had much help in the form of Stormy, Luke and even a neighbor or two that would drop by.

Right about the time that Sarah realized she was having a baby of her own, it was time for the twins to grow up.

They converted the old study/painting area into a nursery.

Looks like it's almost time for Sarah to deliver a new little Tellerman.

And here he is. Meet Kalan Tellerman. He has his mother's custom skin and eyes.

In all the baby commotion, we've almost forgotten the other kids. Stormy continued to do well in school and eventually earned several scholarships. Before heading off to college, though, she had to critique her taxi driver. He's obviously NOT her type.....

Cloudy, however, has found HIS type in Claire Morrelli. She seems to be quite taken by him, too.

Net worth: $38,182
Cash on hand: $9,269
Cloudy rolled Popularity aspiration with "Become Cult Leader" LTW
Added three children to the family


Bubbs said...

Loved Wen and the floating! Can't wait to see more. :)

ASimWen said...

Lots-0-babies...just my type. :)