Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Skywalkers Round 4

The Skywalkers Round 4
by Rachel

Welcome everyone, this is Anakin Skywalker. I never really understood why my parents decided to name me that. That was my Great Grandpa's name and he wasn't a very nice guy for most of his life. Anyway, that's me in the orange shirt. I'm playing a game of redhands with my mom (Stormy). Her and my dad (Atreyu Bach) just returned from college. You see they had me when they were just teenagers so my grandparents (Amanda & Luke Skywalker) raised me until they got back. I sure did miss them, but I just had my birthday up from toddler the day before they came back, so it wasn't so bad.

This is my Grandma Amanda. She just inherited money from the death of her friend Connie.

Grandma decided to invite over her friend Madalyn Jonas for a visit. I heard she was obcessed with grilled cheese, but it sure didn't seem that way when she was here....

She went straight down to the basement and stole off our money trees.

Grandma and Grandpa knew Mom and Dad would want to have more kids so they deicided it was time to add a second story to the house. There are three bedrooms up there, including mine which is the green one on the left. They also added another bathroom, the two downstairs just weren't enough. They bought a telescope and chess board so we could all hone our brains and a piano to help us be more creative....

Unfortunately one sooner did they get it set up and this chick came and started playing it. She name is Wen Morrelis, she just married that Ranger guy. She wasn't the only one either, all our guests go and play it, it's like a big race to paino to see who gets to play.

Mom and Dad decided that now that they were out of school it was time to get married. So they invited over a few friends. It wasn't anything fancey, Mom just threw on a nice dress and Dad put on a suit.

It would have been a nice ceremony excpet these two decided to start a pillowfight right in the middle of the whole thing. I found out that's my aunt Moonchild (right) and some guy from the neighborhood, I think they said his name was Quavi or something like that. I was pretty upset that they needed to be the center of attention so badly that they couldn't wait until after the I do's were said, but Mom and Dad didn't mind they were just happy to be married.

Mom and Dad decided to buy a kareoke machine for the reception to do something different than anyone else did. They sang a deut right after the ceremony.

My uncle Bastain Bach enjoyed it, but no one else really did. Grandpa Luke decided to help me with my homework right in the middle of the party and it went from a good time right down to a disaster. Apparently noone wants to see a kid learning in the middle of a party.

Mom and Dad didn't mind, they just went upstairs and snuggled for awhile. I went to bed then so I don't know what else happened. I bet they just snuggled all night.

Mom wanted to try out a new look. We both really like it, but Dad isn't so sure. Mom said she'll keep it for a week and see if it grew on Dad, if not, it would change again.
simmers note: since we only play houses for a week each, unless Lynn has this do, it will have to change. I personally really like it.

Well, it turns out my parents did more than just snuggle. The next day my Mom's belly got bigger. I was asking why and trying to tell her to eat less, so my parents explained to me what was really going on and that I'd have a little brother or sister soon.

My parents are weird. They're already married, but they still want dates all the time (both Pleasure Sims). At least they just date each other though...

Ewwww, gross... Keep moving. Stormy: Son they's nothing wrong with your father and I showing each other how we... Anakin: It's gross, no one wants to see this...

To Stormy: Mom why are you guys sitting in the car? You can't go anywhere when you're pregnant. Stormy: Son you see when a mommy and a daddy really love each other... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.....
Well that's enough of that. Here's my Grandpa Luke teaching me some cooking skills. He said it's important for boys to know how to cook, girls like it. I really didn't care then.

When I got home from school this chick Caitalyn Day came by, so I invited her in.
Then this chick came by. Her name is Rachel Ziese-Lecy. She told me you say that ZZ-LeeSee. She seems nice. She told me some jokes and stuff and came by a few times this week.
Simmers Note: SimRachel kind of freaked me out. She stopped outside the house, and turned he head and look right at me as almost to say, " I'm you and I'm here, what were you thinking of ignoring me?"

Caitalyn was downstairs stealing from our trees and Rachel went down to talk to her. Rachel brought up sports (real Rachel wouldn't even know where to start on the subject, unless it was the Packers) and Caitalyn didn't like it apparenly because next thing I knew...
Rachel is upstairs looking pissed at Caitalyn.

Then Rachel pokes Caitalyn...

...and Caitalyn shoves Rachel. Luckily the two broke it up pretty quickly. Although being a boy, I wouldn't have minded seeing a fight.
Simmers Note: I've never seen two sims just start fighting after one bad conversation. Did something happen between these two when someone else had them?

The next night my mom went into labor while painting...
To everyone's suprise there were TWO Babies!!! Two baby brothers for me!!! Beju and Ood Bnar.
I wasn't surprised, I used cheesecake. I love sim babies, what can I say?

In the midst of all the drama Grandpa Luke played chess with me to help me learn logic. He said it's important that a boy be smart, girls like that.

Before long it was time for my brothers' birthday. Rachel came by for it.

Ood Bnar


I think Rachel's nice and she likes to my jokes. Even the one about the spatcula, which noone ever likes.

Dad & Grandma Amanda help the twins learn all they need to know.

Last night was my birthday to become a teenager. That weirdo Madalyn showed up. Grandma Amanda even made her grilled cheese and she didn't eat a one.

Anakin Skywalker
Turn ons - Undies and Make-Up
Turn off - Glasses
No LTW has rolled up yet

Well, that's what's been going on around here. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll see you next time when I get to start high school and really start learning stuff.

End of Skywalker for my round.
Stormy and Atreyu both reached their LTW of being Celebrity Cheifs.
Luke and Amanda are hanging in there, but not by much. Neither is in gold at the moment.
Amanda got her gold in floral arranging.


Bubbs said...

Stole from our money trees?? That is priceless, lol.
This is great Rachel, I love it! I love how your simself talks to you. All the ones in my game do that to, lol.
Do look at me, Catalin wasn't in my hood. I have to meet her. :)

ASimWen said...

Hehhee Caitalyn and Rachel didn't fight in my round either. I don't know. :) Ask Caitalyn! hehehe Errr BTW, Anakin was raised by his Grandma Sarah and Step grandpa Komei Tellerman. I boolproped Anakin to this house at the end of the Tellerman round since I planned for him to live back with this mom and dad here. Sarah is still having kids of her own. Amanda and Luke are his Great Grand Parents. :)
I do have that hairstyle you used for Stormy but it is on a different desktop that uses the CC. *sigh*
Very informative Rachel! Loved it!

Rachel said...

How strange. I know Rachel is a Taurus which Maxis thinks is a bit grouchy, unless their personalities just really don't mesh.
I was wondering where Anakin was in your story, Wen. I couldn't find him, so I just went with it. Yeah, I saw they were his Great-Grandparents after I got done. Oh well.

ASimWen said...

Hi Rachel, read Tellerman Round 3, and it is all about Anakin. lol

Rachel said...

Ahh, there he is! I was looking in the photos at the top to see who was in there, but I guess that is fron after he left. I remember reading about him now.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge, everytime SimCait came to visit, she'd play poker or piano or something. I only had a few people interact with her, and none of the townies ever spontaneously talked to her. So....not sure what happened there.

Hope Luke and Amanda go in Platinum. They've had plenty of elixir.

Chrissy Brown said...

Where did you get Stormy hair? and Anakin is a handsome young man :)