Friday, July 21, 2006

The Skywalkers Round 3

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Round 3, The Skywalkers
by ASimWen

Well, naturally I would play my own family first. That is, after University. I played a semester of Uni first, then came to the hood.
The kids that Amanda and Luke adopted grew up very well, for well, being 'different'.

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Upon opening the house, Amanda was playing what my father used to refer to as getting a 'toe ride' with Lexi. Err...well, I took time to immediately take the kids to the mirror and fixed them up a bit. Had to get rid of those Maxis default hair dos. Lando in the pink, is the first Sim I have ever played that actually looked good in the dreads. Lexi is the blonde, and Leia is the last girl there. I detect a series here??? Star Wars names. heh.

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Woah. Looks like Luke is rollin' in the dough. Not only is he greedily picking the money tree in the basement, he is getting inheritance money as well. I wonder who that is from?

Amanda got some simoleons too. They got almost $2,000 collectively for this death. Let's see....this is for Maggie's death. Who ever that is. Okay. Checked in with Lynn. That is the chick over at Jonas house. Luke and Amanda bought a flower table with the inheritance, and Amanda commenced to becoming a flower arranger. She figures the house could use some sprucing up.

Looky, it's virtual ASimWen with her floating custom content glasses at Four Winds Shopping. Heh. Oh my heart! She needs love in her life!

Here is Bill SimSelf. Erm, I think that is who that is. Claire Morreli has a crush on his brother, Ron Simself. (You'll find this out in my Uni update). Just wanted to snap his pic. He is a good looking Sim. Unlike some in this neighborhood.

Oh. Caitalyn Day has come by to visit. Hey Cat! *waves* She ended up staying a good long visit. Actually, she came by on Sunday, right before my turn with the Skywalkers was over.

Alrighty. Let's get back to the Skywalkers. After much studying and going to Private School, the kids grow to teen. Lando grew up to aspire in Popularity. He wants to be a Captain Hero. For being a Pop Sim, he really didn't wanna get out much and meet people. He ended up with 3 academic scholarships in the short time I got to play him. He was content to sit and study.

Next is Leia. She wants Simoleons. As soon as she grew up, it became her job to pick the money trees. Luke was reduced to the lackey level of watering can. She took a nice aspirational hit for earning $4,000, and she got her first kiss from a guy she met downtown.

Lexi is Romance, with a LTW to become a Celebrity Chef. Not bad. All the Skywalker adoptees grew up to be good looking Sims, and were well on their way to Greatness in the Greek House.

Lexi too got a kiss from a guy downtown. Lame I know, but not many teen boys in this hood. Didn't see any convenient Orlando Centowski or Ricky Cromier come walking by.

Well, this is the end of the Skywalkers for this round. Rushed, I know. Amanda and Luke lived seven days, then both took two hits off the elixir. Here Sim Caitalyn is waving goodby to Luke and getting the hots for him at the same time, lol.

SUMMARY: Amanda and Luke probably have about a week or a little more on their life bar. Granddaughter Stormy and her fiancée will move here after Uni graduation. Lando, Lexi and Leia have left for Uni. Amanda is a hair's breath from getting her gold in flower arranging. Luke has quit his elder job, and is now working somewhere else. :)

NET WORTH = $28,215
CASH = 10,231


Bubbs said...

Virtual Wen, lol...I still don't know what is up with her Where does Luke work???

Anonymous said...

I love the update. I guess the kids defaulted to maxis hair because their natural parents had custom hair at my house.

I can't believe we got another popularity sim. LOL -Cait

Chrissy Brown said...

The kids are beauties! and ha at pixel Wen, LOL :)