Thursday, July 06, 2006

Skywalker - Round 2

Luke & Amanda saw that Sarah was happily settled with Komei and decided it was time to move into their own home. Amanda has a desire to graduate 3 children from college, so wanted the space to be able to adopt. They found a nice little furnished place and moved in.

The only problem was that they had to have $3,000 in a savings account to prove that they could afford to adopt children, and the purchase of the new home nearly wiped out the savings they had accumulated. Amanda & Luke immediately got part-time jobs to be able to support a new family. They also sent away for special trees that were reported to grow fruit that could be sold for simoleans. Soon they had a nice harvest in the basement. With the jobs, promotions and trees, they were able to adopt.

Meet Leia, Lexi and Lando. Luke had heard of three children that were orphaned from his home planet. He was happy to be able to adopt all three siblings and keep them from being separated. He also figured they'd feel more at ease with others of their kind.

Perhaps they should have gotten dressed before meeting their new children....That's just scary.

The kids often had questions about their adoption. They were young, but still remembered the day their parents died and the social worker took them away. Luke was quick to assure them how happy they were to be able to provide them a new home. (Side note: For some reason the kids have had/are having a hard time befriending their new parents. Many negative interactions ensued.)

Luke wanted his new children to get into private school. Unfortunately, the headmaster arrived an hour before he and Amanda were scheduled to get off work. Lexi was able to greet the headmaster and give him a tour of the home. After a nice dinner was prepared, the headmaster went away pleased to have the children in his private school.

Amanda & Luke take time to teach the girls how to study. Landon must have been in bed exhausted after his busy day at school.

When the kids are in school and they have some time off, the adults like to go visiting......

Sometimes they stop at Sarah's house and help out with the kids.

Other times they overstay their welcome when visiting neighbors.

No matter what they are doing, they both agree that adopting the children was the best thing they'd done in a very long time. In fact, they both agree that they haven't felt this young in years.....

Net worth: $19,595
Cash on hand: $3,354
Added three sims


Bubbs said...

Great update!! I can wait to read more. :)

ASimWen said...

Awwww.... Nice job with the children. THey look really nice.