Saturday, July 01, 2006

Skywalker - Round 1

From a galaxy far, far away comes the Skywalker family. As a last ditch attempt to live, Luke Skywalker bought his family to Viosinage-Partage'. He hopes Sith Lord can not track him down here......
Enough of that! My name is Luke, you should know my past, no more chatting about it. Here I am holding my grandson Cloudy. I have choosen to stay home with the grandkids and to let my wife and daughter work.
Here is my wife, Amanda. She was from the planet Kessel. *we have star wars books (you know, the books of what happened after the movies) and found a planet* raises hand, Star Wars Geek here** I am really happy she changed her name and joined me.
Here is our daughter Sarah. If Sarah is not working, she is on the phone. She even went and bought a cell phone so not to tie up the main phone line.
My beautiful granddaughter Stormy.
Sarah and I love to gossip too. Here we are chatting about her dead husband, Hans Solo. Something about her not getting a kiss from him. He got sick on our way here and died of disease when we arrived. I know it was mean, but her husband would not kiss her.....was he REALLY sick or did she poison him???
Being the parent at home, I was able to teach Stormy how to do her studies. I also taught Cloudy all his skills and to study. I love helping my grandkids.
I am happy to announce. Sarah is now happily engaged to Komei Tellerman. She said she could feel his attraction on the day they met.
Here are the Morelli's. They are our neighbors here. They seem to be a happily married couple. It is a little wierd. Ranger told me Connie was a regular adult and in front of his eyes became an elder. They have twin daughters.
He said his dad is someone we all know.....
The happy day is here! Sarah is getting married! Maybe.....
Sarah has a problem....she pops out of the cycle. *note where Stormy is in pictures. We tried 3 times and each time she popped out. Even tried purpose marriage, same result* Sarah will be forever engaged....
Cloudy grew up into a child today.
The non-marriage Sarah glitch did not stop Komei from joining us. Sarah moved him in with us so no one else can have him. He keeps telling us about his plans for the house. I think his improvements sound great.
Just a nice picture of the upstairs of our house. Everyone is sound asleep.

Improvements have started downstairs. Komei added a bedroom for him and Sarah. I hope the 'art room' is a nursery. Taa-taa for now.


ASimWen said...

Awww...Hans-Solo didn't kiss Sarah because he knew he was sick! See! He didn't want her to get sick too!

Heather/Simaholic said...

Hmmm, interesting skintone Sarah and Cloudy have. I can't tell if Stormy has it too. An interesting bunch of families you guys have got here :o)

ASimWen said...

Hey Heather, I got those skins from Genesims. I love their work.