Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Morreli's Round 4

The Morreli's Round 4
By Rachel

Hi all, my name is Claire Morreli. I'm a daughter of Ranger and Connie's. I just got home from college. It was a lot of fun and I met so many nice people there. Including my main squeeze Ron Simselves. Upon my return I wanted nothing more than to get engaged to him, so I went right to the phone to invite him over.

Then I went to the mirror for a quick make-over.

This is my stepmom Wen and my half brother Mario. I'm not a huge fan of Wen's. My mom's remains hadn't even come back from the creamatorium and Wen was already moving in.

As soon as Ron got here I dropped to one knee and proposed. I was SO happy when he said, "YES!"

We were both so excited to get married that we called up a few friends and family members and tied the knot right in the front yard.

Our kiss.

The party was a roof raiser and we were off on our honeymoon.

Wen must have been trying to win me over because while we were gone she hired some guys to come add a second story to the house so Ron and I could have room for ours. The house layout didn't really allow for a staircase so they put in an elevator instead. I have to admit it softened me up a little.

Ron and I got back and ran upstairs to "celebrate" in our new room. We wanted to start our family right away so we tried and tried and tried until the pregnacy test came back positive.

Little did I know, but at the same time Wen and my dad were trying to expand their family as well.
Well my mom wasn't too enthused about Wen having another one of my father's childern. No sooner had the pregnacy test come back positive and I saw her ghost crying in the kitchen.

Then she scared the crap out of my dad while he was painting. I think he got the message.

Everything was going great. I was married to great guy and I was having his babby. I could overlook my relationship with my Stepmother. One day this guy, Cloady Skywalker, that I had a thing for in college stopped by to see me. We were friends and we were playing around when he got weird all of a sudden.

So we went inside and played somemore redhands and then Cloady stopped suddenly and said, "Claire, I can't stand it anymore. I came over today to see you, so I could know for sure." "Know what," I said. "That I love you," he replied. I was in shock and after a moment I realized I loved him too.

Before I knew what I was doing I pulled him close to me and kissed him deeply. Then I pushed him back and told him he should leave, but he didn't. He was still there when Ron got home from work.

He was still there to celebrate Mario's birthday. I missed Mario blowing out his candles because I was so wrapped up in my thoughts about what had happened.

I did see what a handsome young man he turned into. I tried to go on with life as usual and forget about the kiss with Cloady.

Ron has some friends too. This is Lynn Simselves. they've known each other for a long time and are really good friends. I'm not worried about it.

She even came up and did the Smustle with me when I wanted something fun to do. I wasn't even thinking about Cloady anymore.

The dancing was interupted by Wen's labor cries.

Soon I had a half sister, Elizabeth Morreli.

A few hours later it was my turn.

Meet my son, Ian Morreli. He has my dad's (Ranger) skin tone for sure.

The next day Cloady came by to see Ian. He said, " Claire, I can't stand to see you having another man's babies. I love you and I need you in my life again. You're the most beautiful woman in the world.

Next thing I knew we were snuggling on the bed. Then we made the most wonderful WooHoo I'd ever experienced. I completely forgot about my husband and the baby in the next room.

The thing that shocked me back to reality was the sound of the elevator crashing to the first floor. My dad was inside, but he was O.K. He got it fixed right away too.

Time flew after that and it was soon time for both the babies to have their birthdays. Cloady was there again.



Oh crap!

That's the end of my turn with the Morreli's. Everyone is working there way up in their carreers. Ron came home with the flu yesterday. The toddlers are learning their skills.


Bubbs said...

Claire doesn't start out liking Wen, hmm, she did move in rather fast. Did Wen leave you a surprise? LMAO - beware of her and that. Poor Ron, is Claire's second baby his or Cloudy's??? Guess I will find out....

ASimWen said...

Yeah that Wen was quite a hussy and gold digger...movin' in just a day or two after Connie passed. lol No surprises that I can think of. lol I think Claire and Cloudy must have been teen loves with Caitalyn. They didn't attend Uni together. How sad.

Rachel said...
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ASimWen said...

Yeah, see, while Claire was in college and Cloudy was back in the hood as a teen there was no crush symbol for them in the contact list. Just a high relationship score. Then, I noticed when Cloudy aged to YA, he had a crush on Claire. So that was one of those accidental surprises.

I took another look at Ron and Claire's baby in your picture. He doesn't have Ranger's skintone and eyes. He has Quavi Robbin's from my Prosperity Challenge Prosperity Falls. I'd know it anywhere! Ron was made from Lynn Simselves and Quavi Robbins. (Who happens to be in the shared hood too as Quavi Simselves. Or maybe Quaxi. lol) I went back into my game and checked Ron Simselves with the DNA cheat. Yup, he carries it as recessive skintones. :) How fun and exciting!

I think Claire's next baby will have speckled skin. I think it is Cloudy's. lol

Bubbs said...

does ron still have the flu??? please say he was cured

Rachel said...

OMG, I had no idea. Ian looked kind of red when he was first born so I thought it was Ranger's skin. I have to say I always read blogs on my crappy CRT monitors at work instead of my nice LCD at home and I seriously had no idea Quaxi had a custom skin color. The color is so bad he looks like S3 at work, no joke.
Humm, Ron was made from Lynn Simselves, that's interesting.
Yes, Lynn, Ron does still have the Flu. Sorry to say, there wasn't time for him to recover before the end of my turn. Hopefully it won't become like my cold epidemic that's going around PLeasantview, every 2 seconds, so and so has a cold, so and so is cured....

Man I think I need to have you guys proof read my stories for factual inaccuracies.

Anonymous said...

What aspiration did Ron have? I was afraid he'd end up a romance sim or something.

I think I had Cloudy hooked up with Tiny when I played them. They were in love and supposed to head off to college together.

I have a feeling the next baby will be speckled too. :) Cait

Rachel said...

Ron is Pleasure