Sunday, July 02, 2006

Morelli - Round 1

Hmmph, hello guests. Ranger Morelli here. I grew up quickly in this small town. You will NEVER guess who my father is. He knows ALL of you!!!
This is my wife, Connie. She was an adult when we were married and then after having our girls, she became an elder in front of my eyes.
This is Brittany. She is one of my twin daughters.
Here is Claire, our other daughter.
Breakfast at our house. I was surprised Connie ate with us. All she does is call her friends all day long. She said since the sun wasn't up yet, she could wait. Plus she likes eating with our kids.
The girls and I spend a lot of time studying together. They are working on potential scholarships while I am trying to get a promotion. I don't know how to cook, but Connie does.
We are the first family in our neighborhood to get our kids into private school. Connie made the best pork chops money could buy. She introduced herself to the headmaster and then let me handle the whole business.
Here is how I normally find Connie. Talking on her cell phone. She has over 20 friends now and only about 10 best friends. She doesn't work since I am the MAN of the house and bring home the bacon.
Here is our house one quiet evening. Connie and I studied away while the girls painted pictures for us.
My girls are little princesses, therfore their room reflects this. It took me HOURS to get this right.

Time for bed, time for you to leave. Until next time....


Heather/Simaholic said...

Oh my. Ranger is so attractive and Connie is so, well, not, lol. But he seems to love her so that is good. I love the girls' room. You did a great job with that! I've done a couple of rooms like that since FFS and I think it is fun :o)

ASimWen said...

Hmm.. Ranger's paternity. Hmm.... Who could it be? Hm? hehehe

Rachel said...

Ranger sure is attractive. He reminds me of Matthew Fox of Lost fame. I'm goign to call him Foxy! Don't mind me, I'm silly today!

Alexis said...

Ranger is HOT. The name made me laugh read the books by Janet Evanovich by chance?