Friday, July 14, 2006

Jonas - Round 2

We drop in on the Jones house just as Brandon is about to sneak onto the property to deliver a present for Maggie. It appears they have recently had a great date, and he wants to shower her with gifts. Unfortunately, Brandon miscalculates how LARGE the television is, and blocks himself in. He's stuck on the porch...pacing...until someone takes pity on him and moves the television. By "moves" we mean "sells for simoleans."

Meanwhile, inside the house, it appears we have a birthday. Myrin is turning into a teen and decides he'd like to be popular and become a Hall of Famer.

Parker feels that this is a good time to head for college. He's received several scholarships and is ready to move on.

Maggie realizes that her time is short. Even though neither she, nor Brandon, ever wanted to be tied down, she decides that with the little time she has left, she'd like to have a partner. Brandon readily agrees, but from the look on his face, it appears he has doubts.

Brandon moves in immediately after the engagement, he and Maggie get married, and he pursues his goal of becoming a professional party guest (like Kevin Federline.)

Maggie decides this is her last chance to sow some wild oats. She has the urge to woohoo with three sims. Since her time is short...since we want a platinum tombstone...since she is friends with, she invites him to town on a date. They sneak into a dressing booth and sparks fly...literally.

Maggie is now VERY happy. If she died right now...she couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, 6:00 pm comes and no Grim Reaper. We wait...and wait. There's not a sliver of life left, but Maggie's still kicking.

The next morning, Madalyn makes grilled cheese sandwiches all around. Maggie is headed to the kitchen to eat one when *poof,* she drops dead right on the kitchen floor.

A moment of panic ensued, because we weren't sure if we were still platinum. Thankfully, the urn is nice and shiny.

Brandon wastes no time comforting (and taking comfort from) Madalyn.

End of Round:

Net worth: $55,051
Cash: $24,636
Added one Sim
One Platinum Romance tombstone


ASimWen said...

AH! So that is who Maggie is. *snicker* How funny is that! OOhhh..Brandon Lillard. Ick. Hmmm...

Bubbs said...

Poor Maggie died, oh how sad...why did she die before her sister??? hehehe