Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bach - Round 1

My name is Moonchild. Here I am helping my sister work on skills. My parents had a horrible accident when we moved here. They are no longer with us, sigh, so I am raising my twin brothers and little sister.
This is my brother Atreyu. You can just tell he is going to be a heart breaker in the future. He has made a few friends around here already.
This is my other brother, Bastian. He seems a little bit quieter than Atreyu. It took him a little longer to get over mom and dad's deaths.
Here is a picture of me outside playing chess. I still have to get skills too. It hasn't been easy. I worried for awhile on how to make our house work. I didn't want my siblings taken away or anything.
I met this townie one day when I opened a small business at our house. She was our first visitor.
This is what most of our guests do all day. I charge them the very cheap price of $10 an hour. This way they will overlook my siblings running around the house.
Today Tiny met her first milestone and grew into a child. I was really excited as now I don't have to use the nanny while I am at school. She still shows up while I am at work.
I always wondered what my siblings do all night. So I set up a camera and this is what I found. They are little dancing fools, hehe.
In order to improve my business, I dated one of the customers. Lukily, Parker Jonas didn't come around. I know this isn't a good business idea, but I only dated two guys.
CRAZY NANNY ALERT! She shows up at 1 pm, I don't work until 5. Why does she show up early? At least she doesn't leave early...actually, she leaves late. Being a teen, I don't want to complain since I need her help.
Business is booming! We seem to always have visitors around. I'm here chatting with friends, they are potential dates, but they don't know that.
Guess what? I made level 5 business today! All my business perks were money perks. To keep my customers happy, I gave them something new to hang out in. They seem to really appreciate the hot tub.

The money was also spent updating the house. We now have nicer furniture. I did break down and bought a nice red sports car for the family....for me.


Heather/Simaholic said...

Aww, Moonchild deserves the shiny red sports car. She is working hard to take care of her siblings. She needs to take a little something for herself as well.

ASimWen said...

Love it when the Sims make alot of money. :) Moonchild has done an excellent job.

Rachel said...

Oh boy, I made an appearance! I looked really happy too!!! Whose household was this one? Someone else that likes redheads I see. :)