Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Baches Round 4

The Baches Round 4
by Rachel Hi, I'm Brittany (Morreli) Bach. This is my wedding photo to my loving husband Bastain Bach.

Bastain wants five top businesses so he opened up this poker hall on our lot. And look at who one of our first customers is. Why it's none other than Rachel Ziese-Lecy. I've heard she's quite the gambler and came by all the time when Tiny was running the gambling hall here. It has just reached level 8 and has pulled in over $30,000 thus far.

Bastian and I didn't get pregnant on our wedding night so we called up to adopt while we keep trying. You see I want to graduate 3 kids from college, I wanted to get started right away. Here's the social worker dropping off our son, Locke Bach.
That same day, I found out I was pregnant. We couldn't have been more excited.

My sister, Claire came by to check out the gambling hall and to see her new nephew. She's pregnant too. Her and her husband's first child, Ian, is such a cutie, I can't wait to see their second!

Pregnacy gave me the craving for my world famous cheesecake.

Claire loves it so much she had some that had been sitting out. I hope she doesn't sick.

Before long it was Locke's birthday. A lot of customers were there. I was so tired from being pregnant that I missed the fun.

Here's our sweet boy Locke as a toddler.
I woke up in time for some cake. Something in the frosting...
...put me into labor. Bastain was VERY excited!
And who wouldn't be? We had twin girls (thus far they are the most identical twins I've ever seen in the game)! Meet Kate and Shannon Bach.
My father (Ranger) was over one day working out on our treadmill and he even helped out. Boy did we need it too. Bastain had a constant want to hire a nanny, but with him home all day it just didn't make sense.

I wonder if the girls will take after their father? They sure were happy about earning $10,000 in their short lives thus far.
Then it was the twins' birthday. Kate.
Bastian does his best to take care of the kids.
Although he did very poorly when he started a fire in the kitchen. Shannon was in the corner playing with her charisma bunny. Bastain was busy freaking out and who do you think took Shannon to safety?

Why it was Katalynn, the maid!
Our last birthday this week was for Locke. I missed this one because I was at work. He's such a handsome boy, isn't he?
Well I need to get back to making candies. I'm one skill point away from my promotion to celebrity chef. Humm... I sure do feel like some cheesecake...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

University Round

University Round 4
by Rachel

Hi everybody thanks for taking time to stop by the greek house. My brother Lando was the first one here, then he invited me. Anyway, I'm sure you're all very excited to find our what happened during our Freshmen and Sophmore years. I'll tell you what happened to me, then interview everybody for ya.
My name is Leia Skywalker, Luke and Amanda's daughter. I'm very interested in money so once I get my grades high enough for the semester, I spend a lot of my time making and selling robots. I've made a good $15,000 so far.
But my REALLY big news is I am currently seeing two guys. Quaxi Simselves and...
Joe Carr. I'm in love with both of them, but I'm torn as to which one is really for me. I fell for Quaxi first, but since then I've heard he is a bit of a romancer, so I'm not sure he is for me. Joe likes money, just like me, but I'm worried he'd be more focused on that than on me if I chose him. I'll definately have to give this some more thought, anybody have any advice?
Leia: This is my brother Lando. Hi Lando.
Lando: Hi sis.
So why don't you tell us what you've been up to?
Before any of the rest of you moved in I invited over my friend, Catalin Day. Isn't she pretty?
Quite, and?
We hung out quite a lot and then I just had to kiss her. She was surprised, but didn't pull away.
Before too long, we were in love!
And I asked her to marry me. She said YES!!!
That's great Lando! So everything is going great for you then?
Not everything...
I saw Tiny, who our brother Cloudy is seeing, on a date with another guy!
What? Oh my goodness!!! I hope you told her what for!
Yes I Did!
We had quite an agrument and then I just couldn't control myself anymore.
What happened?
I attacked her.
Oh my! Well you couldn't let that hussy get away with cheating on our brother! HUm, I'll have to find out more about this when I talk to Cloudy and Tiny.
Next, I'll talk to my sister Lexi Skywalker and...

Myrin Jonas. Well, I can assume it's a good thing I'm talking to both of you at once, right?
Lexi: Yes, very.
Myrin: I was very taken with Lexi as soon as I moved in here with you guys. Before I knew it we were dating.
Lexi: We fell in love our first semester here.
Myrin: Not too long after that I knew I wanted Lexi to be my wife.
Lexi: I wasn't really sure I could be a one man kind of woman, but when Myrin asked, I knew I could.
Congratulations you guys? So when's the wedding?
Lexi: we're waiting until after graduation.
Let me know if you need any help with the planning. Take care guys.
Next we'll talk to my brother Cloudy Skywalker, who I know you have heard some stuff about.
Hi Leia. I heard I've gotten a really bad reputation with some of the people out there. I'm glad I finally get to talk to you.
Yeah, I heard you've been seeing two women. Is that true?
Well it's sort of complicated. My high school girlfriend, Tiny Bach is living here too. She's a sweet girl and a great friend. She flirts with me all the time.
Do you flirt back?
Well, sometimes I can't help it. I remember the fun time we had in high school and I just can't help myself. I don't really mean to. I guess I still love her.
I see. So tell us about this other woman.
Her name is Claire Morreli and I truely love her.
Umm, I can't but notice that she's pregnant. The baby isn't your's, is it?
Well it could mine or it could be her... husband's.
Her husband?!?!
Yeah, she's married to Ron (Simselves) Morreli. Claire and I were really good friends for quite awhile. She started to tell me all about her life with Ron and we spent so much time together that we fell in love.
Hello, what about her husband? Mom and Dad didn't bring us up this way.
See Claire told me about how Ron was a great husband when they first got married, but lately he's been different. Ever since their son Ian was born he goes out all the time and is always working late. He has this really good female friend, Lynn Simselves.
So lots of guys have close female friends? It doesn't mean anything.
Well I spent some time with him and I just get the feeling.
Man Cloudy I don't know what to say. You're in love with Claire and Tiny and Claire's baby might be your's.... Oh boy. I'll be praying that everything works out for you.
Finally, I'll talk to Tiny Bach. So Tiny what's this about you and my brother and some other guy?Your brother and I were high school sweethearts. Things were going good here. We spent all kinds of time together. It was even better than in high school because we were in the same house.
Then he started calling Claire Morreli all the time and going over there. One day she showed up here and he was PREGNANT!
Yeah I heard about that.
Is the baby Cloudy's?
I've said too much already, forget I said anything.
How can I do that?
Well, I was so upset about Cloudy and Claire that I invited my friend Xuan Simselves over. We spent so much time together that WE fell in love too. I'm sorry Leia, I don't know how it happened.
Well, I can see why you were so upset. I guess I can kind of understand that.
Then your brother Lando came up and shoved me. I guess he saw me with Xuan. I tried to explain, but then he attacked me.
I'm sorry Leia, but I had to protect myself and I ended up beating him.
Oh my, he didn't tell me you beat him.
Can you blame him? I mean, who would?
So, what do you think you're going to do about Cloudy and Xuan?
I don't know. I love them both. I wish I knew more about him and Claire. Can't you tell me anything else?
I'd better not. Go talk to him.
I think I will.
I'll leave you with the paintings of the six of us living here. It's going to be an interesting next two years.

That's the end of my University turn. Tiny was the last to move in and she is a whole semester behind Lando, the first one here. I played a little over two years to help even that out a little.
So, who will Leia chose? Will it be Quaxi or Joe?
Can Lando ever forgive Tiny for cheating on his brother and kicking his butt?
Will Lexi be able to be a one man woman or will her romantic ways lead her astray?
Who will Cloudy chose? Will it be the woman possibly carrying his baby, Claire, or his high school sweatheart, Tiny? And who's baby is it anyway. Are Cloudy suspcisions about Ron and Lynn correct?
Finally will Tiny forgive Cloudy and pick him or will it be Xuan?

Lynn I've left you lots of choices to make in this one.
Tiny maxed all skills this round which fullfilled her LTW.