Friday, June 30, 2006

Jonas - Round 1

Greetings! My name is Myrin Jonas, nice to meet you. This is my great-aunt, Maggie Jonas. She is a relative, but not a relative. Does that make sense? She acts like Madalyn (who is either my mom or grandmother) is her sister. She seems to be nice, but it is wierd having her around. Her chats about safe woo-hoo are annoying!
This is Madalyn (am I spelling this right?). She is my mother, I believe. *notes to self to pay more attention to family trees (and names) when opening houses* She is one of my best friends. She also tries to talk to me about safe woo-hoo.
This is my brother, Parker. *smaller picture is current* He has been fun to have around. We are also friends. Would you believe he tried to talk to me about safe woo-hoo? Will you explain to my why someone would want to woo-hoo in the first place? COOTIES!!! EWWWW~
Here I am! Aren't my eyes a nice green color? All I want to do is make some friends, play, and have fun basically. All my family talks about is this woo-hoo thing! I hope I grow up NOTHING like them. I would love to be popular or to know a lot of stuff.
Here are some of the local townies. Being new to this town, I ran out and greeted everyone. I did it more just so they could talk to me about real things. At least it wasn't woo-hoo chat.
Our first real friends were the Skywalkers. They greeted us when we moved in. Why didn't they bring cake? Don't greeters bring food? I am tired of instants drinks, lunch meat sandwiches, and cereal.
HAHAHA! You should of been here today! Parker had his first date and kiss! The best part was when Amy Jones, our papergirl, refused him not once, but TWICE for a kiss. Don't talk to me about woo-hoo when you can't get a kiss!
Not cool Parker, don't talk about my friend Connie Morelli like that. Amy could be their paper girl too!
Today Madelyn *ignore the name on the picture, I messed up...ooops!* decided she wanted to change. To me, this is better. Now all she wants to do is talked grilled cheese sandwiches.
Maggie went and got a boyfriend. His name is Brandon and he is just like her. They are like two peas in a pod. When he left, she immediately started talking about Luke Skywalker. She seems interested in him now. WHAT?? You have a boyfriend, why do you want another?
Parker is also dating Moonflower Bach. He didn't have the same problem with getting a kiss. At least he is improving his style. Moonflower really seems to be into pleasurable things. Hope he doesn't get busted!
Madelyn now eats grilled cheese sandwiches all the time. It is the only thing she talks about also. I was excited at first for the change. Now I HATE grilled cheese sandwiches! She makes them for breakfast, lunch, and supper. She tells us to eat them, but NOT ALL of them. She likes to take the last bite.
Our bedroom where Parker, Maggie and I are sleeping. Hopefully one day I will have a room to myself. I can't wait honestly. I hate having to nap on the couch so Maggie and Brandon have privacy.

Here is where I always find Madelyn. On the couch, with a grilled cheese sandwich. She said she wants to break the world record.

The Beginning

Four simmers came together to play a hood. Everyone contributed one family. One round per simmer, then the hood is passed to the next person. How will the different playing skills work together? Will everyone live happily? Only time will tell....

Round 1, by Bubbs
Jonas -
Round 1
Skywalker - Round 1
Bach - Round 1
Morelli - Round 1

Round 2, by Caitalyn
Skywalker -
Round 2
Tellerman - Round 2
Jonas - Round 2
Bach - Round 2
Morelli - Round 2

Round 3, by ASimWen
Skywalker - Round 3
Morelli - Round 3
Tellerman - Round 3
Uni - Round 3
Bach - Round 3
Jonas - Round 3

Round 4, by Rachel
The Skywalkers
The Morrelis
The Tellermans
The Bachs
The Jonas's

Round 5, by Bubbs

Round 6, by CATALIN

Round 7, by ASimWen
The Morellis
The Skywalkers
Falkor and Mara Bach

The Bachs

The Tellermans
The Jonas's